Things That Guys Secretly Want Their Girlfriend To Do

Guys claim to be the uncomplicated ones in the relationship. Were that true, there would be no secrets about what they’d like their girlfriends to do for them? They would instead be open and communicative with their needs and desires.

As a rule, some guys will suppress their authentic emotions leaving their girlfriends to sort of flounder with attempts in trying to determine what’s on their minds. Rather, some hints or codes need to be broken because communication is not a man’s strong suit. 

So how do you know the secret to a man’s heart? Pay attention, follow the clues, and listen. 

Generally, guys want similar things that women do. Men and women don’t differ too significantly in what they require as far as love, caring, and sentimentality. Let’s look at a few secrets your boyfriend might be keeping.

What do guys secretly want their girlfriends to do for them

In the grand scheme, men and women are not that different in what it takes to satisfy their needs. There’s a running list of commonalities that everyone cherishes, including:

  1. Unconditional love
  2. Respect and appreciation
  3. Support and admiration
  4. Motivation and encouragement
  5. Communication
  6. Gratitude
  7. Complements 
  8. Sexual compatibility

Each relationship should comprise these basic needs if the partnership is to thrive and grow healthfully. But go a step further. Try to be specific to your boyfriend. 

What hints does he offer that would make the bond you share stronger for him? Let’s check out some of what we would gather from a men’s perspective if we were to collect these hints.

Elaborate with your communication

Often, a man somewhere can be heard, indicating he cannot read a female’s mind. The guys are challenged to understand what precisely their girlfriends’ needs are—sort of a stalemate. 

Women feel men are secretive about sharing what they want their girlfriends to do. On the other hand, men say they don’t understand what women want. 

How about everyone start having an open, vulnerable line of communication? Until then, what men say they want from women is directness. Whatever your needs and feelings might be, just say it so they can satisfy these, and they’ll be happy.

Become involved with their close friends and family

For anyone involved in an exclusive, committed relationship, you’ve already been introduced to close friends and probably family members. Men like it when women take an interest in their social circle and become involved with the family. 

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It shows an effort to like them and be accepted and liked by them. That, in turn, allows your boyfriend to recognize you are serious about the partnership. Family is usually pretty important to most men. Having a girlfriend who wants to become involved is vital to the guys.

Recognize his input and desire to help

Women today want to be recognized for being strong, self-sufficient, and independent. They prefer to be seen as capable of making their own decisions. 

That in no way means you can consult with a significant other or spouse when you have a life circumstance or important event that you might be struggling with. 

Their opinion could be pivotal in helping you see it from a different perspective, ultimately helping to make the decision a bit easier. Guys want the couplehood to be a team surviving life together with shared respect and love.

Humor is not lost on men

Humor goes a long way in a relationship. Laughter is stress-relieving, allowing for better overall health. Men simply enjoy someone who can make them laugh. 

It’s not necessarily a matter of telling jokes or doing a stand-up bit. It’s more someone who’s not afraid to be silly or laugh at themself.

A guy also loves it when his girlfriend finds his humor funny and can laugh at his jokes and antics. If he wants to be silly, it’s nice to have someone who appreciates that and can join in.

Pampering is not restricted to one gender or the other

Men enjoy being pampered. Now, in this situation, some females will spoil their men, so some guys are just missing out on this category. 

If that’s true, women need to get on the ball. It’s vital to always think of kind gestures, ideas, plans, and little gifts. That doesn’t mean that you need to spend a dime. 

Thoughtfulness is free. You could walk along the beach, find a rock that looks like a heart and wrap it pretty. Plan a special date to the place you had your first date sitting at the same table. 

Write love notes. You can leave these in his car, at his place, or, if you live together, put a message on the mirror he’ll find when he wakes up. Pampering is a two-way street. Men enjoy being spoiled. It makes them feel unconditional love.

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Show support

Surprisingly, among the most sought things that men would like their girlfriends to do is show emotional support under any sort of circumstance. It’s simply a matter of being that person that stands in his corner. 

There’s almost a sense of increased confidence or elevation in self-worth when you know your lady believes and has faith in you no matter what. It’s important to men that their girlfriend acts in the capacity of encouragement and motivation.

An active listener is essential

You can listen to someone, but do you hear them? The suggestion is that men don’t cry or show their feelings. That’s genuinely untrue. It would help if you were alert when he’s expressing himself. When a man feels empathy and understanding, the feelings will come.

If you pay close attention in many relationships, men will listen intently when their companion speaks. There will be nodding, acknowledgment, and body language denoting understanding of what’s being said. He will then offer his feedback. Guys say they want a turn regardless if he says everything is fine.

Men dole them out but don’t often hear them

Generally speaking, men love to tell their ladies how beautiful they are. They compliment their appearance when picking them up for a date. And all too often, women blush and thank their boyfriend, but how often is there a return?

Your gentleman might have taken hours getting himself ready for the date. It might not look like it. You might not believe a man could possibly take that sort of time to prepare for going out. Still, it’s possible he went to great lengths for you. 

Compliments make men feel good. These boost their ego and make it appear that you noticed their effort. Guys wish women would take more time in paying attention to showering men with affirmations so they too can feel attractive.

Dress up now and again

Once the relationship becomes comfortable and familiar, people tend to let go of themselves a bit more. You might stop wearing makeup all the time or even forget to comb your hair when your boyfriend comes over. Perhaps you’re wearing the same pair of sweatpants for a week.

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Boyfriends want their girlfriends to dress up like they care about themselves and how they look for their guys. They want them to make an effort every so often. It shows that it matters whether your partner finds you attractive.

Old-fashioned but still true

“The way to a man’s heart is still through his stomach.” Guys love it when women cook for them, whether as a spouse or a girlfriend. They find nothing more special than a home-cooked dinner. It’s especially true if your boyfriend had a mom who was exceptional in the kitchen.

That might be a bit of pressure for you, but that’s not what he expects. It will make him happy if you simply put forth an effort to cook for him. If you are a good cook, an extra special treat would be to phone his mom for recipes for his favorite childhood dishes and then prepare those. These are things a man secretly wishes for his girlfriend.


In reality, men and women have comparable needs and desires. It seems men tend to keep theirs to themselves more so than women do. But if women were to look at the list provided here, it’s no different from what most females anticipate in a partnership.

Genuinely, everyone merely needs to get on the same page and recognize a relationship is equal parts give and take. One simple solution to stop wondering and start responding to needs is to open a line of communication that doesn’t shut down merely because everyone gets comfortable, familiar, and lazy.  

Each person should feel they can be honest, vulnerable, and direct. When someone is unsatisfied or feels unhappy about how things are going, it’s vital to speak up. 

Keeping things secret and hoping someone will catch a hint or break a code is ineffective. Internalizing unmet needs, dissatisfaction, or unresolved issues can lead to a break in the partnership. 

You’d be surprised how healthy a relationship could become when each person expresses similar desires to what’s been opened up here. There will be more healthy, happy, thriving couples.

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