How to Find Someone’s Location by Cell Phone

If you want to track someone’s location online by their cell phone, then, there are some options that work. There are some good tracking apps for mobiles, and you can add one as you need. But of course, tracking a person through their smartphone is not that hard these days.

Many systems can show you where they go on the map easily. However, there are some myths about tracking a person on his cell phone by numbers and other ways. So, we’ll explain all that in his guide. Keep reading:

When it’s time to locate your partner’s mobile phone location in real-time, you’ll find lots of apps. Even more, there are tools and systems that use advanced cellular and GPS technologies. But not all of these innovations respect the privacy of users and care about their data.

So, we’ll show you the right tools to track someone’s phone and keep things hidden on the target devices. That way, people never know you’re tracking them where they go. In fact, when you have a well-built mobile phone tracker, things will be easy. And the online dashboard shows where a person goes and what they do at any time.

Mobile phone location tracking tools

Please note that many apps on the App store claim they can show you the correct location of anyone’s cell phone by typing his number will never work. Many of them just promise fake goals that are not achievable without installing software.

If you want to have a GPS locator program by phone number only, then, don’t count on a free app on Google Play or the App Store. They’ll steal your data. On the other hand, if you care about your privacy, phone security, and anonymity of tracking, then, use the following tool.

FlexiSpy: All-in-one phone monitoring tool

FlexiSpy is one of the best apps for tracking a cell phone online, in a few minutes. You can download their tool, and add it to someone’s target device without complicated configurations. The tool comes with easy-to-follow guides that even children can use. Moreover, it’s an all-in-one spy app to track cheaters and find what websites they use, what hidden social media accounts they have, and more.

But what this app offers for your boyfriend, partner, or kids is more than security. It can show you where they go online, and what places they visit in real-time. That comes with their GPS location which is always accessible with a few clicks from your own smartphone.

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With this app, you can track your boyfriend’s location without him knowing. There is a feature that hides the system on his phone. So, there is no way for him to see that you’re tracking and watching what he does in real time.

With its advanced phone interception technology, FlexiSpy can let you spy on your husband’s phone and record his calls, see his messages, monitor his social media, photos, media, etc without him knowing, of course. And we should mention that it works for iPhone, Android, and also in Computers.

What do you need with this app?

Once you have the app configured on your devices, you can easily track the other phone number location from one central dashboard that only you can access. Additionally, you may want to add other numbers to your list to watch where they go. And that’s helpful for family members and kids.

Keep in mind that this is not like the freeways to locate a cell phone. Contrarily, this one comes with exclusive features that no other system offers. In fact, it brings you all the power of iPhone and Android tracking to track your husband’s phone no matter if he’s traveling or completely in another country.

That way, it works for all situations with a condition that there is a way to send the data like cellular data. I mean Wi-Fi, or even GPS if that’s valid depending on your plan of membership and settings.

Other features for locating someone by their phone

If you’re looking for a spy app that checks someone’s location without installing any software on the target phone, then, this will be the right choice. It removes installation features and unique security measures that make it reliable and secure at once.

Online tools that promise location tracking using the cell phone number do not work in most cases. And if they do, they only show the user an approximate location on the Map. Which means dozens of miles or so away from your current location. In reality, you won’t be able to see if your boyfriend is on a street or in an apartment because the websites offer inaccurate location tracking. This means they don’t find the right place someone is on right now based on cellular network data.

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On the other side, you have this premium phone location finder tool that uses GPS, Maps, and accurate geographical location precision that is worth a try. After enabling the app, the phone number tracker will start working and send the data to the other end (your phone)

How to track someone on Google maps without them knowing?

If you want to track the cell phone location of your spouse, kid, or friend for free, and without him knowing, then, this Google Maps trick works well. In reality, the platform allows users to share their real-time location with others.

Now, we’re going to enable that feature in under a minute or so. What you need is the Google Maps app installed on your partner’s smartphone. If it’s not already added, install it from the App Store if he uses an iPhone or Google Play if he owns an Android device.

Location sharing on Google Maps

Next, click on the menu and find “Location sharing” once you’re there. After that, enable it and add your own number or account to get his real-time location on your phone. Now, wherever your husband or boyfriend walks, goes, or hangs out, you’ll see his actual location on the map. And so, if he’s cheating, you may find him based on his cell phone location.

Google Maps, unlike other apps, could be already added to millions of devices. It’s the most popular application to find addresses, and streets and by applying the above tricks, you’ll track any cell phone location without installing any software on the target phone. You just need to give yourself permission to get the data remotely.

Can you track someone’s location with a phone number?

Most cell phone tracking technologies require access to the device directly to make it share the location remotely. There should be physical access to the smartphone. However, for the iPhone, things can be easier to monitor a child or even a partner. Here is how you can track a phone without them knowing through the iPhone.

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iCloud is the best way to use it, by creating an iCloud account for your kid, you can install any spy app remotely without the need for physical access. The same thing can also be applied to your spouse. But that won’t be easy as you may need to find excuses to explain why you should access the smartphone; that’s your role.

If the person shares his Map location, or if someone else, probably parents installed any hidden GPS tracking app on the device, then, of course, they can track his location by typing a cell phone number into their monitoring dashboard area.

It’s like an identification number for the tracking operation. But it’s not possible to see where someone is right now, by just typing his mobile number. Only government-experienced spy agents can do that in collaboration with mobile phone carriers.

Be aware that many apps claiming that they offer phone tracker solutions by the number only won’t work. Instead, they’ll just show you annoying ads here and there without any real benefit for the user. As we said earlier, tracking the location of anyone’s mobile number is not that simple.

That’s because they promise without having the device’s iCloud credentials. Or at least, there should be access to it physically even by sending an activating link in a text message, etc…


These are the different options for secretly tracking someone’s location using his cell phone. Some of these methods work by doing some configurations. And others allow you to track a mobile phone location without installing any software. But what makes them all recommended is that they’re tested by experts.

If you just want to track a cell phone number on Google Maps, give the above solution a try. If that’s not the case ask yourself if you really should install a tracking app on your friend or family member’s phone. What worked for others may not work for you, and the best way to track the location of people from their phone is always installing a monitoring app like the one above.

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