How to Trace a Burner Phone Number

Having a second phone number from apps like Burner App or others might look like a good way to call others anonymously in the USA or other countries. But how can you trace that burner phone number? Is it possible for someone to know who the caller is with full name, address, etc…? And what if the caller or the cell phone number belongs to a spammer, scammer, or bad guy? Can you still be able to identify them and see who they’re?

By following this guide, I’ll show you what you can do to know the person behind a burner number and even get their other contact details.

Tracing burner phone numbers

Do phone lookup tools work?

The answer is Yes and No, depending on how the person behind that burner number is using it. So, if that guy is creating social accounts through that disposable number, then, probably, there is a way to tell who she or he’s. Just reverse lookup that cell number with one of the trusted tools and see who it belongs to. Or just put that number in Google search and find the real person behind it.

The issue here is that if someone else started using that burner phone number recently (which happens a lot). Then, you may see the latest user and not the previous owner. So, always take note of the time when you receive the phone call or get a Text message. That way, you’ll be able to know if someone else is using that number at the time of the call or if it’s the same guy.

Some background check sites offer advanced phone number lookup, which combines dozens or even more search databases. But unlike what WhitePages does, they have deep web scan technologies that find details from the dark web that are not easy to trace by other search engines. As a result, using such advanced solutions may show you the real name of a disposable phone number. Also, you can see the city from where the caller is, etc…

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Getting information from different sources is crucial these days. People can use those burner numbers for fraud, and if someone else has been talking from that number on the dark web, those tools are able to trace it.

Phone number identification tools

If the burner phone number that you want to trace is still active, then, this should be a good way to find the truth. In fact, cell phone number identification apps on iPhone or Android can help you to know who belongs to that fake number. Just add any of those apps, search your phone, and try to call the number or type it in the search box.

Then, make sure you have an Internet connection. The app can connect their servers and return any name found on that number. One of these tools is TrueCaller and Pipl.

For landlines, there are multiple hardware options you can find on Amazon or through your best site to buy electronics. These tools work well for US numbers that others identified and reported in the past.

That way, when somebody calls with that number and the other end of the phone call identifies them, he’ll report the name and details. After that, the database behind that hardware shares the name of that burner number with users to prevent scams and fraud.

Let friends on social media help you

If no other technique works for you and you still need to trace a burner mobile number, then, try this. Post about it on your Facebook timeline or other social accounts like Facebook and Twitter, and ask your friends to trace that number for you.

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If one of your friends’ lists has been using an advanced tool or knows how to track contact details, then, he may be able to show you the name and other information behind the fake cell phone number.

When it becomes urgent to know for sure who is the person who uses a burner phone number, this should be a good way to find details. Others may have received the same calls from that number, and they know who she or he’s. So, why not give this a try?

Ask your local authorities

When it starts to be too urgent to identify callers behind burner numbers, it’s always recommended to ask your nearest police office for help. Tell them about the issue and the voice of the caller. That way, they can make their own investigations and build a report upon searching for the real identity of the person that uses that fake burner number.

The more details you provide them, the better they can help you in tracing that caller. Also, remember that the FBI owns the most sophisticated technologies no other person has to trace phone numbers, even disposable ones. They can intercept calls and look behind the device’s IMEI and serial number. After that, they’ll know for sure where that person is on the map and tell you who the caller is, etc…

That’s the best way to protect yourself from a bad situation especially if somebody is calling or texting you, your kids, and family members from a burner phone number.

Limitations in tracing a burner phone number

Because it’s a burner number, users who call or text through it often end up throwing it (virtually). So, they can just click on a button and permanently remove the data behind that number like name, location, IP address, call history, and other things.

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So, technically speaking, it’s hard to trace a burner number that someone has been using and deleted without any trace online. Even on your phone bill, you’ll just see the fake number and not the real one.

Also, mobile phone carrier services can know the IMEI behind that burner number sometimes, and thus, they may know who the person is. But wait, that’s not the case with most numbers that scammers use and hide.

This means it’s not that easy to track these real numbers behind that burner one. Also, it may take days or more to identify the real owner of that phone number, it could be private.


Now, it’s up to you to use any of these solutions to trace a burner phone number in the US or in other places in the world. The same principle applies here, just be patient and take your time when dealing with these numbers. People behind burner landlines or mobile numbers may be trying to steal things from others like their identities and even more.

For that reason, it’s not too late to know who these guys are by reversing-search the phone number they use. But if that fails to provide any information, try other ways and finally call the police bureau and show them a record if you have or add any other information that could help in tracing those suspicious callers.

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