How to Tell your Boyfriend you Want to Get Married

In order for a couple to marry, there needs to be an engagement, but first, a boyfriend must propose, and therein lies our conundrum. How can you tell your boyfriend you’re ready for this step, especially if he’s making no indication he’s on that page yet?

While you know the man loves you and is in the relationship for the duration, progressing the partnership doesn’t seem to be something he’s in a hurry for, and you fear that he won’t make that move. 

At some point, all people in long-term, exclusive partnerships talk about the future. It’s natural, coming up in conversation casually for many couples. 

When it does, you must express the desire to marry in your future, so the guy has a clear indication of your intention. He will, of course, assume that this will be down the road for an extended period. Still, having the conversation is your opening to nudge things somewhat. 

You don’t want to appear pushy, needy, or desperate but, instead, show matter of fact in your conviction. There’s nothing wrong with letting your boyfriend know what you want from the partnership. That should actually be the expectation. 

Follow on to find out how you can let your boyfriend know you’re ready to get married.

How do I tell my boyfriend I want him to propose?

Why shouldn’t you pop the question if you’re ready for the next step, especially if your partner hasn’t made any moves in that direction? If you’re ready for the next step, your boyfriend either is or isn’t, and there’s only one way to find out. 

Sure, you can hint for him to propose and wait endlessly while he catches all the clues to see if he’s on the same page, but that shouldn’t be the relationship you hope for. 

Most should prefer a partnership with open, honest communication and one where you’ve discussed marriage throughout your exclusive dating union, allowing either of you to do the asking.

While your guy might not necessarily be ready for this step quite yet, it will at least point the partnership in that direction and lean him toward that consideration, or at least he could let you know when he might be ready. 

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Maybe he’ll ask that it be postponed a bit until he’s more prepared to ask if he’s not ready to settle. It wouldn’t be unheard of to find out what he considers “later,” so you’re each clear on the other’s expectations and specific needs. 

You don’t want to move forward in a situation where you’re miles apart with your goals and desires. Follow a few of these tips to work towards a marriage proposal.

What are the year’s aspirations?

Too many times, an individual can appear clingy or pushy if the conversations tend to drift toward the two of you getting married one time, too many. 

You can find a way to discuss the future, including a possible engagement, without even mentioning it by opening a conversation concerning your year’s goals, and what you hope to accomplish in the coming months.

This will automatically bring the thought process to where you see yourself in the relationship down the road, whether you intend for it to or not, particularly if you still hope to have the partner as your chosen mate. You don’t want to appear to be forcing a commitment. 

The idea is to simply trigger a thought process that will culminate into a potential next step in the partnership or maybe an engagement.

How is the relationship progressing

Sit down and talk about how the relationship makes you feel without fear of being open and vulnerable. Remind your partner of the fact that he is the one person you see spending your days with, that the thought makes you happy, as does he. 

It would help if you were as sincere and honest as possible, revealing your innermost thoughts and feelings, so he knows where exactly he stands in your life.

There is an innate need and desire for guys to feel as though they’re needed. Expressions like these make men feel good and bring them thoughts of the things they need in their life. 

In saying that, the man will hopefully then share how he feels and what he hopes for moving forward.

It might not necessarily bring a marriage proposal at that very moment, but it will make your boyfriend consider what will transpire down the road with the relationship. The thought of becoming engaged will likely cross his mind. It will be just a matter of the right timing for him.

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Show positive energy for the possibility

In that same vein, if any indication is made that an engagement is something he might be considering in the future, make it known you’ll be open to that. 

Men are often a touch afraid to pop the question for fear of rejection. In many cases, there will be hints leading up to the actual event to see which way you might lean.

You must show him positive energy when he comes along with his hints. Short of saying yes that you’ll marry him if he asks you, you can let him know you’re weak where he’s concerned.

No matter what he asks of you, you could never say no to him. Comments like that will help build his confidence, so he gets up the nerve to ask the genuine question.

One method to try since he’s attempting to find an answer before asking the question is to find a way to have a conversation where he can “eavesdrop,” but it will be on purpose while you let a friend know that you would accept a proposal from him. Then it’ll just be a matter of the actual moment occurring.

Engage friends in the hinting process

The suggestion with these tips is to approach one of your mate’s close friends if you’ve also developed a good friendship with the individual to help you plant a hint or two in your partner’s mind about maybe moving the partnership to the next step.

It’s crucial that you be somewhat cautious when using this approach because it could backfire if it’s not a subtle approach with each person playing their part cleverly. So there’s no inkling of what’s occurring with the significant other. Otherwise, it could backfire on you terribly.

You want to avoid using close friends of your own because that would probably be more challenging to pull off as a subtle conversation with no ulterior motives than a close personal friend of your boyfriend.

The conversation between the two friends will most likely remain confidential without his divulging the details to you. Still, if your guy comes to you with remnants from the discussion, ensure that you obviously align with the friend’s perspective on the topic. So your mate can consider the topic more thoughtfully. 

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He might have come to you because that’s actually what’s happening, his friend made him consider the subject, and he wanted to get your insight.

Ensure the partnership remains fresh

Exclusive partnerships that go on for extended periods can become complacent without a couple even recognizing it. 

It’s not only about making sure you take care of yourself, putting in effort with your appearance now and again but showing the other person appreciation, respect, gratitude, and a good time.

It’s vital there still be dates; each of you cares about what’s going on with the other, shows interest, and makes life exciting together. When things are fun, and you look forward to being together, but can’t get enough of each other, dating isn’t enough. You’ll want more, and so will your partner. 

Usually, when you live essentially a spontaneous lifestyle, things like the first mention of being in love, wanting to be exclusive, or deciding to become engaged just happen with little thought. There’s not much hinting, talking, or trying to decide; it just happens.

Keeping things fresh does take effort and constant work. You have to pay attention and respond to needs and desires, ensuring the other person is satisfied and fulfilled and that the relationship doesn’t become stale.


No one has to wait on anyone to make the first move when it comes to proposing. That is if the relationship is one of open, honest communication. 

That would mean that you already discussed the potential of a future and the possibility of engagement and marriage in your regular day-to-day dating. It’s not necessarily something you need to worry about hinting over.

For those who are less communicative about the future, these tips will help you get on topic. Still, the suggestion is that you work on developing more healthy communication in your partnership, especially if you intend to marry. 

You should never have a doubt, fear, or even a question about what the other person might think or feel. If you do, you’re not quite ready for that next step yet.

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