How To Make Someone Miss You On Social Media 

The idea of making someone miss you on social media is relatively easy. It’s merely a matter of disappearing from the platforms. A sudden disappearance would be noticed if you’re super active on the varied sites with regular posts, reading other people’s postings and reacting with likes and comments, or adding to people’s timelines with cute memes or GIFs. 

That’s especially true if you’ve become friends with these individuals through the sites with private messages to the point you have conversations each day, maybe video chat, and enjoy discussing the same groups. 

The curious thing would be why you would want to make this person or these people miss you. We’ll take some creative liberty and assume maybe this person is an ex, and you’re hoping if you disappear from the social network, the partner will notice and wonder what’s happening with you. 

Before taking any drastic steps, it’s important to remember that not everyone is as involved with social sites as some people. There’s the potential for going to this extent, and the person you’re trying to distress won’t notice. 

Let’s look more in-depth at what could construe as advantages to this thought process and what could work out against you.

Advantages and downsides

It’s curious why anyone would find it essential to make people miss them from social media. Perhaps there’s low self-esteem on the individual’s part. It could act as an ego boost to have friends gather around and reach out wondering where you’ve been, expressing that they missed seeing you on the social network scene.

The unfortunate end of that coin is people can become busy in their day-to-day life, assuming you are too. Maybe they’re not as consumed with social media. Perhaps, They don’t overthink the “disappearance” one way or the other, let alone mention it. 

Instead, most continue to go about their scrolling activities in between life, especially if these are virtual acquaintances. Real-time friends will assume they’ll see you when you’re free.

Another possible scenario is you’re trying to make an impression on a recent ex. You believe that if you cut back on your social media presence, you might be able to get a second chance because the former partner will reach out to see what’s happened to you. 

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That’s a risky move if you’re unsure whether this person follows social sites to that degree. The individual might not know how often you’re on there, nor will they recognize your self-proclaimed disappearance. 

At that point, the only person you’ll be making miserable is yourself because you apparently enjoy your social platforms more than the average person. It’s wise to look at the potential benefits you could achieve and the downsides of your sudden social site disappearance. Check some out.

Your ex followed you on social networks

If you’re confident your ex followed you on social networks, at least when you were a couple, it’s not unheard of that this would still be the case. Although, the suggestion when people break up is to cut all ties. 

That includes no contact, blocking phones, erasing emails, and deleting from social sites. If the former partner broke up with you, they likely did all these things to initiate the healing process.

That means there is no recognition of the fact you’re no longer on social media unless someone were to tell them. If that happens, there might be some curiosity about what has happened with you.

But they won’t pursue their curiosity if they’re practicing the “no-contact” rules. There will, however, be an outpouring of concern from close friends and family wondering where you’ve gone.

You’re practicing the no-contact healing process

Another way to look at why you would want to disappear from social media and allow someone to miss you is if you’re breaking all contact in an effort to heal from a breakup. That doesn’t mean you want to get back together with the ex. 

Your intention in the process is not to encourage their missing you, though you’ll be missing them. You will be going through the typical grief stages with a breakup, hopefully, to come out healed and ready to move on separately with more healthy lives. 

The idea when an ex notices you’ve disappeared from social sites is that they maintain their distance so you can work through the healing. In this situation, the suggestion is that they leave you to it, avoiding the temptation to reach out. 

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If your partner is the one who broke up with you, there might be some regret when they start to miss you, but it’s essential to navigate all the way through healing the old before you contemplate the idea of rekindling. This way, you recognize how you genuinely feel and if this is the partnership you want for the future.

When you disappear, it should be complete invisibility

The “no-contact rule” is a real thing that some people institute for healing and to see if their ex will come to find that they miss them. The thing with this rule is that you can’t simply disappear from social networks. There needs to be total invisibility from the other person. 

That means there’s no opportunity to run into them at the places you used to frequent together. Text messages won’t be able to get through. There will be no possible connection to this other person, and they will have no possible way to interact with you. 

In this way, even if they don’t regularly participate on social sites, they will notice that you’re not around because you will have essentially deleted the possibility for them to see you or hear from you in any capacity. 

The idea behind this technique is that the two of you will become stronger on your own, healed from the breakup, and be able to search for a partnership that fits you better. It does sometimes work out where the couples end up back together when they realize they made a mistake and can move forward much healthier.

Is it possible it can backfire?

No one wants to appear needy, clingy, or desperate. If you’re going silent or disappearing from social media to get the attention of someone you were with for a very short period of time, or maybe this wasn’t even called a breakup. Still, some time apart, the action will likely do the opposite of what you hope will happen. 

When you go to what might appear as an extreme measure for someone you’ve only known a short time or for a mate that simply asked that you take a little time away, it begs the question of what you would do if there were more time spent on the partnership and more feelings involved in the relationship. 

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Probably, if this person didn’t technically break up at the moment, that might be what ultimately happens when everything is said and done. The mate who broke up after only a brief dating period will likely not notice you’re going silent because you just don’t know each other well enough.

Likely, this individual is not familiar with your social networks and probably already deleted other contact information since the interaction was so brief.

It’s essential to recognize your own self-worth and thrive in your confidence. No one should anticipate validation from another person or expect that person to complete their life and make them fulfilled. 

If you find yourself relying on care from another person to bring you happiness, it’s essential to stop seeing people and become involved with yourself until you develop self-love.

A relationship should merely enhance an already full and happy life. They’re not meant to be the “why.”


When you make the decision to disappear from social media with the hope of making someone miss you, think about why you need to resort to that measure in order to get a reaction from another person, especially if it’s someone you care for. You genuinely shouldn’t have to basically “play games” to see if somebody will care enough to come to see if you’re okay.

On the other hand, if you’re incorporating the “no contact” technique in order to attempt to heal from a bad situation, that’s different. Still, it has to be a complete disappearance, including deleting phone numbers and emails plus avoiding places you patronized together, so there’s no chance of running into each other. 

This is an effort to heal from a breakup. You will miss each other and quite possibly see that the separation was a mistake. But then you’ll have the opportunity to start from a healthy point.

It’s never a good idea to manipulate a situation for selfish motivation. If people want to disappear from social media so others will gather around and voice their concerns, care, and love, or an ex will come back based on worry and upset, is that really a win? It’s curious about what you think.

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