How to Know if Someone Hide their Story from you on Instagram

Do you have doubts that someone is hiding their story from you on Instagram? And you see no proof? So, in this guide, I’ll show you how to know if your partner or a friend is blocking you from seeing their stories on IG and find them if possible. But as I always say, there is no need to use useless apps on your phone that claim to show you other people’s posts on social media. Most of them are spam, and you should never give them access to your device.

Do they really hide their IG stories?

If the person has a public account on Instagram, that means you can see what they publish even without having an account. But if you see a message like a “private” account, you should log in to your existing IG. And if, even with that, you’re still not able to view what they published, then here is what you can do.

Check out their other social accounts

This is not that hard to try. If someone you know is sharing stories from their Instagram account to Facebook or other networks, it’s possible to see what they hide from you there. Just see if that person has account on Facebook. Then, view their timelines, and you may find that hidden Instagram story there.

As a tip here, it’s recommended to also check old posts from that user there. Next, try LinkedIn and Twitter to see if they already have stories there. That user might hide posts from you for a long time without noticing that. Or, let’s be more precise, the person may be selective on what to show you and what to hide on Instagram.

This indirect way to view what others hide from you on Instagram may work and may not, depending on many factors. So, if the user has not enabled automatic story sharing, it won’t work.

Social Searcher

When your partner hides specific Instagram stories from you, that should work. But what if someone else shared that story on social media like TikTok or Snapchat?

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In other words, you may still be blocked from seeing that given story on IG. But of course, that user has other followers, and not all of them are blocked from accessing any post.

Now, when someone likes a story, they’ll probably share it on their own account on IG or other sites. That happens, and it’s not excluded from being the case with your friend or partner, so this method can work.

Social Searcher is a free search engine that scans social media sites for specific usernames, names, or hashtags. Consequently, people use the site to monitor their brand and see what others are saying about them. But also, it’s a good way to tell if someone is hiding their story from you on their Instagram timeline by finding all of the associated stories shared by followers and public users.

The site searches Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Vimeo, and Daily Motion. But you can extend the search with Google and try to use the same Instagram username, followed by words like “posts” and “stories”. The username search can help you to discover those hidden accounts on multiple sites at once.

They suddenly stopped posting

Most Instagram users who are active a lot don’t want to stop making new stories unless there is something wrong with them. That could be a problem in their life, relationships, or other issues. But in all cases, if someone on Instagram shares no stories anymore, then, that’s a sign he/she’s hiding them from you. Even more, people could be using OnlyFans secretly instead, and you can search for them in different ways.

If you think that the IG user has thousands of followers and they’re earning money from advertisements, probably, they’re making more stories. But these users are hiding them from you and even from others.

Here is another thing that could happen. Sometimes Instagram users who post a lot of content may be targeting males or females because the story they share may not interest one of them. So, imagine when someone is posting about things that only women like to buy or know about. In this case, the IG user will block men from viewing that story, as simple as that.

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If you have a conversation with that person on Instagram, you can check it. Hence, this time, look for the “last seen” time. If the user has not been logged in for a while, you’ll see that. Otherwise, you should find the last time the user logged into their Instagram and possibly posted other stories they keep private or hidden from you.

Can you use anonymous Instagram view tools?

There are a lot of these sites and apps. But should you really use a tool that pops up ads here and there just to show you a page that you can check yourself on that specific account?

In fact, many Instagram profile browsing tools offer such services online. Best of all, that’s for free, but you’ll find the most annoying user experience there. Many ads and lots of spam all over those pages. So, only use those sites if you want to see someone else’s Instagram stories that are public, of course, without having an account.

In addition to that, keep in mind that those tools show you only the public stories and posts on Instagram, which you can find, directly on the same person’s profile.

If you can ask someone else to use their phone and check your friend’s stories, that can help. But don’t rely on that as a way to tell you for sure if somebody is hiding stories from you.

Just accept their decision

Being friends with someone in real life does not mean you should see what he or she publishes on Instagram. Also, they don’t have to show you what they share on their other social media every single day. So, if that person has blocked you from viewing certain stories, then, there is a reason for that. Why should you take that as a problem?

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Many users on Instagram share family-related stories. So, they prefer not to show that to colleagues, friends, and people they know. Instead, that user will limit the number of followers or friends who can see that story for privacy reasons. If that’s what they do, then accept their decision.

Getting into someone’s secrets is not a good way to be friends with them or even to be accepted as a loved one. Instead, don’t waste time if you find no more Instagram stories from that person. That being said, if you should worry, why would your partner hide things from you on their Instagram? Then, why not ask them directly?

It’s simple, yet effective to tell the truth. If that girl or guy is blocking you from viewing what she posts on Instagram, the best thing you can do is send a polite message telling her that you do not see any new story from her in a while, and you think if everything is Okay.

Sometimes, users on social media block others from accessing their stories because of a mistake they made in privacy settings. So, it could be caused by that wrong configuration. But when they don’t reply to your message or email, then, indeed, they don’t want others. That includes you, from viewing that specific private story on Instagram.


When you don’t see new stories from someone you used to hear from on Instagram or other social media networks, that doesn’t mean all time they hide them from you. So, use the above tips and see if that person is, in fact, blocking you from viewing specific Instagram stories or not.

If you find no evidence that they keep things secret from your profile, then, why would you be worried? Hence, if that person is your partner and you think they are hiding something, then the best solution here is to ask them directly. Otherwise, it’s better to accept their decision about what they share with the public and what they hide.

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