How to Find Someone’s Youtube Channel

If finding someone’s Youtube channel is one of your priorities, then, you have some good search options. You may need that to contact the person or even to see what they share or like as videos.

We’re in the world of YouTubers, and thousands of them have good channels with lots of viewers, subscribers, and of course, content. However, when people want to message these Youtube users, it could be a little confusing to search for them the right way.

So, in this guide, I’ll show you the best ways to find a user’s channel on Youtube the right way. You can search their Youtube by their name, username, and even other pieces of information. Just keep reading.

Finding the Youtube channel of a specific person

The time needed to find someone you know or even you don’t know on Youtube depends on what you have as information about them. In other words, if you know their email address, then, you may find their channels in a few minutes. But if you have more info like first plus last name, you may speed up the search process and find them faster.

Start with their name

Knowing someone’s real name should solve the problem of finding them online and viewing their accounts on YouTube and other social media platforms. All you have to do is type the person’s full name in Youtube’s search bar. Then, look for details that the site shows you.

Keep in mind that YouTube is a search engine on its own. It’s not like Google, even if it’s owned by it. Most people think that Youtube is just a video-sharing giant when the truth is not that only. But YouTube has its own algorithm that’s developed by Google and allows users to search for anything there.

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Here is an example of how you can easily find a person’s channel on Youtube by their name only.

Finding Youtube channel of a person by name

If you see multiple channels on that person’s name, use the filter option as in the above example. Then, choose the city or the place where you think the person behind the channel lives.

Email address

If you want to search for someone’s Youtube channel through email address, then, this search technique is recommended. It’s best to use dedicated email address lookup tools, but for sure, you can use the Youtube site directly or even Google.

You can search the Google’s advanced algorithms for that person’s email address. So, you can achieve that by telling the site to show you only the channels where that email appears as text. So, here is how to do that.

allintext: “”

Now, change the email to the correct one and let everything else be as it is. Youtube has a feature that allows channel owners to add their emails as contact information. But that email address should be hidden at the beginning to prevent spam and other issues. However, Google, for sure, knows about that email as it crawls the platform and finds every single piece of information about users and channel details.

I tested this search technique, and sometimes it works. But other times, it doesn’t work at all. So give it a try and see if you can get the exact URL of that person’s channel on Youtube.

Search by username

Here I’m not talking only about the Youtube username. But the one that the person may have used elsewhere on social media or hidden apps. So, even if that guy or girl is using a different username on their YouTube channel, it could be possible that search engines like Google linked the two data and know about them.

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YouTube users may prefer changing their channel’s unique names, especially if they look confusing for search. Thus, if they used the same username on Facebook, for example, you should try this trick.

  1. Go to YouTube
  2. Add the username you know about that person, just like the following URL

Now, change that username and see if you get any channels on Youtube. Lots of YouTubers use the branding feature, which makes searching for their channel a lot easier than generic numbers and names.

If that shows no channels, then, Google should have answers. Search for that same username, but this time, use the Google search engine and use quotes to exclude the results of other people and sites. Here is how you can do the search.


Find them through Instagram

Finding someone’s Youtube channel through their Instagram account is recommended. That’s because many Youtube users also have Instagram accounts. Consequently, these people often share the videos there and put the exact Youtube channel URL under their bio section on Instagram.

This search method is effective, especially if you think that the person you want to find on Youtube is active a lot on Instagram. Even if that user has different names on both sites, you may search for their name on Instagram and find their Youtube channel in a few moments.

Channel Crawler

If you have an idea about the Youtube channel that you want to find, like country, creation date range, etc.. then, use the Channel Crawler. It’s a website that crawls Youtube channels and lists them based on what the user is searching for.

As an example, you may search for a specific YouTube channel by the name of the person behind it. After that, add the country where he lives and expect the account’s creation date. This should solve many problems if you know that the person created the channel on Youtube between 2017 and 2022, for example.

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On social media

If you have any of the person’s social media accounts, you definitely should check it out. That profile can tell you about the hidden YouTube channel you don’t know about through Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok, which are the best places to find these links.

For instance, TikTok users, just like Instagram, share lots of short videos. So, they encourage followers to check out their Youtube channels by adding the link under their profile descriptions.

Here is a screenshot of someone’s TikTok profile, where you can see their YouTube channel URL.

Youtube channel URL found on TikTok

So, take note of every account that the guy owns on social media, then, read their “about” descriptions or mentions for Youtube channels or even blogs and websites. Then, it should be a matter of searching until you uncover any hidden Youtube channel you don’t know about. That won’t be possible when users prefer hiding their stories from followers on Instagram and other networks.


Whether it’s for personal use or business inquiries, finding someone’s Youtube channel is not complicated. You need to follow the above tips and methods. Sometimes, using just the name of the user and adding their city reveals the associated channel on Youtube.

But at other times, even with all the possible information about people, it’s not that easy to trace their channels on Youtube and on social media sites. If that’s the case, then, it’s better to use advanced search tools that should find hidden data and accounts online.

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