How to Find Someone’s Cell Phone Number by Name

Want to get someone’s phone number, but you only know his/her name? And you like to see all of their social media accounts, emails, and public details if that’s available? Then, this guide will help you with tips, tricks, and the best search tools to find people’s mobile numbers using their first names. Best of all, you can do that without the need for any complicated search options.

Finding someone’s cell phone number by their name

Remember that some phone number search engines work better than others. Some tools can show you all of the person’s contact details in one report. While others may hide some of that data. So, we don’t think that many tools are worth it for this type of search. We tested dozens of them, and here is what you can use to find phone numbers from names faster.

People search engines

Don’t always believe that the ways to find people’s phone numbers online for free through the name will work all the time. Google is good at that, but what’s not visible to Google won’t be easy to access. That’s why premium search solutions like these options provide hidden details that no search engines can find.

Thus, they search dozens or more exclusive databases. Then, they may show you the person’s phone number if you searched with his name. Besides, there are other search options using emails, addresses, and more.

When you reverse lookup someone’s name with any of these advanced people search tools, you get most of his details in one report. That can save you lots of time searching Google and social media with no guaranteed success, it’s worth it.

Strategies to find mobile phone numbers

Because knowing the name of the person is better in finding his contact details, most people prefer using background check tools like the options above. So, they can find more hidden mobile numbers than other systems on the Internet. But what if you don’t find any number using the name of that guy?

That’s what many people neglect and just stop searching when the reality is this. Even if you get no cell phone numbers in the search report, look for any social media account. Next, find the username that the person used on his profile.

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Finally, reverse lookup that username with the same tool you’ve used to search by name. Now, you may find the telephone numbers someone owns. And that’s because you used an intermediate search engine which is his username.

Repeat the same process when you find other details such as emails or home addresses. If one search hides details, others can uncover them because the algorithms that search for people’s contacts may need some time to link the data together.

Just Google their name

Google is the biggest search engine in the world. Also, Google can tell you more details about people than what you can do with other sites like Bing, Yahoo, or others. In fact, there are dozens of search engines that scan the web and find people’s personal information that matters to others.

But when it comes to reality, many of these sites use Google’s search algorithm to offer some sort of customized search engine to their users. That means, by using Google search only, you get like 97% of the web’s information after typing any search terms.

Finding someone's cell phone number by name

Now, come back to our way of finding somebody’s phone number through a name for free with Google. What you can do is the following.

  1. Visit
  2. Type the exact name of the person you’d like to find what numbers he owns for free
  3. Add keywords like “cell number” “contact” or similar ones
  4. Now, browse the first page of Google search results. And if you can see some profiles or contact information, click on them and read the page. It may contain more about the person in parallel with his mobile number and name.

What about the White page and other tools?

Finding someone’s phone number with WhitePages was easy and free if the profile was publicly visible. But now, every search for cell phone numbers requires a premium membership that is not worth it. There are many tools with better quality and more detailed reports.

Using Google can be somehow a solution for those who prefer using the freeways to get somebody’s mobile number by their name. However, there is no guarantee of success to find the details. Just give it a try and see if it works for you.

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Does Google offer reverse name lookup?

There was some sort of tool that allows people to run a free phone number lookup by name using Google years ago. But then, the search engine removed the system because they received thousands of complaints about privacy issues on a daily basis.

As a result, there is no such tool now that you can use to reverse lookup someone’s name and find his number with Google.

Getting someone’s contact details using search engines is not always easy as individuals do not have enough details on web pages for Google to index. On the other hand, finding a business phone number on Google is a lot easier using the company’s name or the names of the founders, it works.

Thus, if you find a website or a blog associated with someone’s name on Google, visit that page and look for any menu like “contact” or “get in touch”. Then, find every phone number and test it or use it to find other numbers the same person owns and hides.

Keep in mind that some sites like are owned by WhitePages. So, if you want to find a phone number by name using such tools, then, there will be no difference compared to their parent company.

Even the mobile numbers directory that many sites offer won’t work for people who prefer hiding their details. Besides, if you need to use such sites, be aware that you may get out-of-date details from years ago.

To search phone numbers on Facebook, just use the first name of the person, and add it to the top of the search box. Next, you need to click on “People” under “Filters”. That’s how the internal search engine works on Facebook.

Once you’re in the profile you think represents the right person, look for any detail under his contact information tab. That’s where Facebook users may add their cell phone numbers.

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Facebook has billions of users in the world and in the US. So, you can search for someone’s residential phone number, and what you need to start the search is the first name plus the last name if available. After that, filter the results the way you want.

Consequently, finding a mobile number from a name on Facebook can only work if the person already added that data under his profile contact details. Hence, if that’s not the case, then, use their username and search again with the first search method above, it can work this time.

Finding cell phone numbers with LinkedIn is free, easy, and accurate compared to other social networks. The reason is that LinkedIn is a professional social platform that millions of members use every day. A big part of users there wants to showcase their skills. So, they’ll add their cell phone numbers to help companies contact them back and find more job opportunities.

The LinkedIn people search system works like others. But it has exclusive data that no other networks offer. Now, to start the search for someone’s telephone number, add his name followed by words you know about him/her like his job, location, etc…You can also search on LinkedIn using their iOS or Android apps if you already have them installed on your smartphone.

Social media sites like Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, and others do not offer the option to add contact details. Instead, they want users to stay connected through the app and don’t expect to find any useful option for that. So, using LinkedIn is a smart way to find cell phone numbers if you know the names of people. Otherwise, use the other search entries as offered.


These are the best ways to search for someone’s phone number using their name. If you find a few details, try again and add the last name of that person if you find it with Google. That can make the search faster.

Next, search for available mobile phone numbers with what you find as data. Even the age of the person or his home address can help with premium search tools.

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