How to Find Someone on Instagram by Phone Number

Nowadays, searching for someone on Instagram using their phone number is not that complicated. However, the search on social media sites might take minutes or days depending on many factors. But once you have the right tools and tricks, then, finding someone on Instagram will be much easier through his or her cell phone number.

If the person signed up for an IG account using the same mobile number that you have on your phone contact list, you’ll be able to locate their associated profile in a few clicks. But what if that does not work? Is there any other method to find people on Instagram by their cell numbers only? And if that’s possible, what options work best?

Searching people’s IG accounts

Nowadays, millions of people use Instagram in parallel with Facebook. And that gives the parent company the power to use advanced technologies to secure the social network. That means using the site requires a valid mobile phone number to receive SMS verification when the system detects unusual login attempts. That way, Instagram knows for sure the account behind almost any phone number.

That’s why typing someone’s number in a search tool to get his or her Instagram account is the right solution. But also, there are other few options that you can try later. Now, let’s start with the easiest search technique to find people on Instagram through their cell phone numbers.

Use a reverse phone number lookup

This search trick works in many cases. In fact, when you type someone’s phone number into a search box of the following advanced people search system, you may see all of his social media presence. Of course, if there is an Instagram account associated with that given phone number, it will be listed under the personal details section. This is the smartest way to find people on Instagram using phone numbers only. And it does not need more than that basic contact detail.

In reality, Instagram users follow the same process as the Facebook signup process through mobile numbers. A cell phone number is required by the social app first. And second, it’s a way to secure their accounts to prevent hacks and any unauthorized access from other devices or even locations.

That gives search algorithms that scan the web deeply the possibility to extract data from profiles, pages, comments, and posts everywhere on the Internet.

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Try all the search options

Even if people have no mentions on their Instagram accounts for any phone number, that could be already found and stored on many advanced people search tools like the one above. Those options to find people on Instagram by number, username, or name work well. That’s obvious, especially for Instagram users who share the same contact details on Facebook and other social media networks.

If you know the phone number of someone, and you need to find his profile on Instagram, this should be the right option. However, if there are any other personal details you know about others, you can also locate their profiles using any of the following information:

  • Phone numbers
  • Email
  • Photos
  • License plate number
  • Username
  • Home addresses

All that gives you more possibilities to find hidden accounts on Instagram and other sites in a matter of minutes. All that won’t be possible without using the right tools that scan millions of sites and even bring the data from the dark web and other private sources.

Search and find them on Instagram directly

The best way to find people on Instagram by phone number is to synchronize the contact list. You can do that directly from your smartphone. But make sure you already have the person’s number and name saved in your list of contacts.

Instagram has an internal phone number search system. Hence, it does not show details publicly, and that’s for privacy reasons. Don’t expect them to have a directory of numbers that you can browse and find people for free and easily. That being said, the social app offers one of the best ways to locate your friends or others on their system through phone numbers. Here is how it works.

Synchronizing your contact list on Instagram

First, make sure you have added the phone number of the person you want to find to your contact list. That does not matter if you use iPhone or Android devices. The Instagram App works the same on mobile devices. Now, follow these easy steps:

  1. Make sure you’re logged into your Instagram account
  2. Click on the profile icons. It’s the small “person” icon you can find at the bottom of the profile screen
  3. Now, you’ll be taken to your profile page. Just focus on the top right corner of the screen, and click on the “menu” (the hamburger icon)
  4. Next, you’ll get some options; one of them is the “Discover People” so click on that
  5. There will be two options now, you can see “Suggested” or “Contacts”. Click on the second one
  6. Instagram will show you the list of users who have been registered through the cell numbers on your phone contact list
  7. Finally, browse the profiles and see if the person you want to find is there
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Find a user on Instagram by phone number

People can also search Instagram by name or username. But not with a phone number directly. Thus, if you prefer going with this simple technique, use the official website and type in a word or two. After that, see if that returns any account on Instagram.

That being said, exactly like the case with Snapchat, you can easily get your friend’s Instagram account by searching for their mobile number on your smartphone. So, try this as it’s a good way to search.

Tips for searching Instagram by cell number

Searching Instagram by phone number without the need for an account is possible. That’s a good way to connect with old friends or colleagues you lost contact with. But, if you don’t have any of their contact details, ask yourself about nicknames or other details you can use for a new search. For example, the person may hide another phone number and so, there will be a secondary contact number that you can search through.

Instagram, like many other websites, has all the data about users. That may include mobile numbers, names, emails, and everything they used such as IP address and even location. So, all this data is not publicly visible, unless you find other ways to get the details like the steps above.

For that reason, make sure you start your search with the user’s mobile number first. Next, look for any information that might help to uncover usernames. Finally, search through that newly discovered information, and you’ll probably check and see all the profiles that the person possibly owns on Instagram.

That might take an extra few minutes or even more. That’s because it may depend on their Instagram profile settings, the availability of the data, and other factors. But in general, getting almost anybody’s Instagram profile with a URL won’t be that hard if you search through their cell phone numbers.

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What about Instagram searcher tools?

Lots of websites and services claim that they offer so-called Instagram searing tools. So, they tell you that you can find people by phone number, name, email, or other details. But, when it comes to reality, only the tool I talked about above in the first solution really works. In fact, scanning millions of Instagram profiles and Facebook accounts to extract personal information about people is not as easy as it may look.

When we talk about public records, it’s not that easy to get the data that many people think about. Instead, it’s a long and complicated process that starts with collecting billions of records. Then, it finishes by building comprehensive reports about all the possible social media accounts on someone’s number or name.

Search alternatives

If you have the time to search and find a specific person on Instagram through a phone number for free, use Google and other search engines. Also, you can use Instagram directly and synchronize your list of contacts as I said earlier.

On the other hand, when you are in a hurry, and you don’t want to waste time with regular search engines then, the best option is reverse lookup technology. That allows you to get the exact Instagram account of someone you know by their number. However, there is no guarantee to find every single account that people hide on Instagram. It’s just a method to save time and look for public records. But that may need months of searching with Google alone.

The main idea here is, don’t use a tool or site that talks about showing you everyone’s accounts on Instagram when you type his or her mobile number only. At the same time, you can try other search options like name or username. And many times, people found the accounts of their friends on Instagram in other ways in parallel with their contact numbers.


These are the best ways to find somebody on Instagram using his or her phone number. Some of these techniques work better than others. And so, it’s recommended to try the one that you feel comfortable using. Meantime, remember that searching for others on Instagram to locate their accounts won’t always be easy if they keep their details private.

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