How to Find Someone on Snapchat with Just their Name

Is there any solution to find a specific person on Snapchat through their name without them knowing? And what should you do to search and get your friend’s accounts there without their username?

When we want to find someone on Snapchat using their display name, we may not always choose to download their App or even signup or login. That’s why most people prefer to search the site anonymously, and even use third-party tools. But even if the person is logged on, there are still options to locate partners in a few minutes. Then, it will be easy to see your friends’ profiles if they’re already using the platform.

Finding a person on Snapchat by their real name

Snapchat is big in terms of website size and daily usage. Also, with its growing number of active users, it’s not that easy to type the first name of someone, then, find it simply. That can work of course, and we recommend searching Snapchat by name directly as the first step. Now, if you can’t find the person you’re looking for there, then, you’ll need the following techniques to find them without the need for their usernames or phone numbers.

Use expert search tools

Nowadays, thousands of users across the USA use people search engines like the following. That’s because these advanced systems search the Internet wholly and scan millions of social profiles, blogs, and even more. Next, these programs bring the data from dark web investigations and private sources of databases. That happens automatically thanks to their advanced search algorithms developed and updated frequently.

What users need with such search tools is just the first name of the person that they want to find on Snapchat. That could be also the same as their Snapchat display name. If they know the last name and location that will be better. Then, after clicking the “Search” button, wait for the site to check the public records and bring all the hidden data from its databases. That will show you the list of people with that exact name.

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If you choose “All States”, the system will list all the personal profiles nationwide. This means people’s names and their locations will be listed next to their age if that’s found, followed by the name of their relatives. That’s just a quick preview of the search results. Next, when clicking on the profile you think is associated with the individual’s name you looked for, the system starts building the full report with social profiles, photos, personal details, and more.

Now, when viewing the search report, the system will require a subscription as the data is premium and not found on regular search engines like Google. The member will see the social accounts of that person, which can include his Snapchat profile with a direct site URL in parallel with other sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc…

That depends on the availability of the data. Thus, if the tool discovers people’s accounts, then, it will list them. Otherwise, there will be their information in one place including contact details, phone numbers, usernames, or addresses. That works for iPhone, Android, and also on the web.

Find friends on Snapchat through Google

Believe it or not, even if many still think that Google does not show Snapchat user profiles. That can work, we tried it, and the search engine returned the exact profile URL of users on Snapchat for free when we searched with their names. It looks like the chat platform allows Google to crawl the content on their site and then index it.

That way, by just reversing-lookup someone’s name into the Google search box, others can see his Snapchat profile with a direct link. But that may need a QR code scan from the smartphone to show the exact page with their details.

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The advanced search that Google offers can also work. But this time, when doing some tweaks, luckily, the search operators may not be easy to understand for all people. So, they can visit the Google page for an advanced search. Then, search Snapchat by the real name of their friends. Here is a screenshot for running the search.

Snapchat name search through Google
  • In the field “this exact word or phrase” type the name, preferably the full name of your friend. Also, you can just type the nicknames you guess they’ve used to register for the site.
  • In the field “site or domain” type “” as that’s where we want Google to find profiles or pages.

Do people use their real names on Snapchat?

If you can’t find accounts on Snapchat by using the name of the guy or the girl you searched for, that does not mean he or she is not on Snapchat. Nor does it mean they use the Snapchat app. That can happen because the person is not using his real name there. And so, they may hide the names they’re known for. Instead of that, they probably choose a nickname. Or just the first letter of their first name, followed by the family name.

In this case, the searcher just needs to tweak the words that he typed. So, it’s a good idea to replace them with what he guesses are correct or possible alternatives for people’s names on social media. Even the internal search system can work for that.

Be aware of the abbreviations for common names in the United States. Sometimes when the name is lengthy or even when the person prefers using only one letter or a few. You may see the following examples:

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“Barb” instead of Barbara, “Alc” for Alice, or “Alfd” for the first name Alfred.

Searching for Snapchat users by their name on the web (desktop version of the site) is not that good in terms of user experience and results. On the other side, using the App on smartphones worked better. That’s because the search is optimized for mobile devices and works faster there. Consequently, we recommend using the Snapchat application if you already have it installed on your phone, which can fix the speed issues of the search.

Another tip

Sometimes, people just like you may need to find deleted friends on Snapchat without any username. So, there should be a way to get the exact person’s profile on the platform when searching for their name. But that does not work all the time at 100%. That’s why diversifying the search technique is the right way to find your friends even if you are no longer followers.


It’s always possible that people hide their profiles no matter if it’s on Snapchat, Instagram, or even others. But what’s sure can help is that we can find someone’s Snapchat with just their name or other basic details. That can be any data such as mobile numbers, usernames, or addresses. So, give that a try first and if it doesn’t work for you, ask yourself what other names people may have used on that app? They can use fake names or letters instead of real names.

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