How to Find Someone on OnlyFans

Would you like to find out if someone is on OnlyFans? And you have doubts that the person or the kid is not aware of the dangers on that social platform? Or probably, you are thinking about your partner cheating on you on hookup sites. So, keep reading; having a secret account on OnlyFans is like other websites where scammers can use their fake identities.

Now, here is how you can find out if someone has an OnlyFans account through their real name, by searching for their username, phone number, or even when you lookup their email address if you have any of these details. Just follow the next search steps until you get the correct information.

Finding someone on Onlyfans

Search the site

This is the first way to look someone up on OnlyFans even without an account. All you have to do is type any username you know about them just after the URL, like the next example:

Now, replace that username at the end of the URL with the one you know about the guy or the girl you are looking for there. If you get a notification about a private account or similar privacy messages, then that user is not allowing others to see his account directly. In this case, that means you need to have an OnlyFans account to see what that account is about and see the user’s photos, etc…

So, if it’s worth it, create a fake account without using Twitter or Google. Otherwise, you’ll share your real details with the site, and that’s not what you look for. After that, read that specific user’s profile bio and what they’re doing there.

The best thing about this direct OnlyFans search technique is that it shows you the “last seen” date of that user. Thus, if your partner or someone else you look for has been logged in recently, then that’s a reason to be worried because he or she may still be active on the platform.

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Use Twitter

Because OnlyFans lets users register or login through their Twitter accounts, there is the possibility that they have the same username on both platforms. So, first, try the above method, and this time, type the same username you can find if the person has a Twitter account.

You can try the Twitter search system to check if that user has posted links to their OnlyFans profile. That’s a way to invite friends to join the platform for the first time the user has created that account. So, it’s worth it as a search option here; just visit Twitter, then search for the real name of that person. Also, you may give the advanced search filter a try.

Twitter is a good way to find someone you already know on OnlyFans. That’s because you have the name, username, and one of his social accounts, such as Snapchat. That could help in finding what the person hides as secret accounts on OnlyFans and other dating sites at the same time.

People search engines

Some people-search engines work better than others, and so they can find OnlyFans accounts just like Instagram, Facebook, and Tinder. What you need to have to start searching for people on OnlyFans is one of their personal details, such as the following:

  • Their full name
  • Phone number
  • Email addresses
  • Username
  • Home address

A dedicated search engine for people is a website that has a huge database of data with sophisticated techniques and scanning algorithms. These tools have more details about people than you may think. And in the USA alone, there are billions of records and pages where you may see all the social accounts and dating pages that someone hides.

That being said, not everyone will be able to use these advanced search systems because most of them are paid. But in reality, they’re good places to find people on the Internet and see their hidden OnlyFans accounts without the need for accounts or usernames, or other details.

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Just one simple piece of information can help. Even the first plus last name of the person may bring you all her profiles on OnlyFans and other similar subscription-based social sites.

How does it work?

If you try to visit the OnlyFans website, you’ll notice the two options for registration: Twitter and Google accounts. That means the user must use any of these platforms to create new accounts.

Now, think about that for a moment. When the user chooses Twitter, OnlyFans extracts all of his information from that given Twitter profile page like username, real name, location, etc…

When choosing Google as a signup option, OnlyFans requests access to the user’s email address, name, location, and even mobile number. And when he accepts the terms of that data sharing, he’ll give OnlyFans any information that he’s not aware of.

When it comes to online privacy, that’s all a lie. Many data breaches shared millions of accounts and their real names on different sites and platforms. So, it’s not that hard for search engines to collect data about OnlyFans users or any other website, even by using private databases they can get from someone.

The main point of view here is, that no matter what the site tells users about privacy and online security, there are different techniques to find a specific person on OnlyFans. You can search through the user’s name, email, username, or cell phone number, depending on the situation.


This is a search engine designed to find people on OnlyFans only. So, you can type the name of the person you want to find there. But of course, users don’t use their real names. For that reason, it’s better to choose nicknames, usernames, or abbreviations if you expect that the person may put them there. Then, browse profiles until you get the exact account you looked for.

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Finding a person on OnlyFans by name and location should be done in a few seconds. Just add the name and limit the search area by KM and browse the profiles.

Finding someone on Onlyfans by name and location

This OnlyFans search engine can show the social media profiles of users in addition to their page URLs. That way, you should be able to find profiles on Twitter, Instagram, or a website if that’s possible.

I just wanted to add that there was a case when a guy found his girlfriend on OnlyFans by searching for her Instagram username on the site directly. The man had doubts about the source of income and the high expenses of that girl. And then, he started to look for explanations and details through the Internet. So, surprisingly, people can find OnlyFans users through their Instagram profiles, indirectly.

In addition, the same thing applies to Facebook. Thus, if you have that person’s Facebook account, look at the top of the page URL. Then, copy that username and search for it on other search engines like this one or even Google.


If you’re a parent, you should be worried about finding your loved ones on OnlyFans. It’s not a website for social networking or lessons like what many are thinking about it. It’s a place that can cause lots of issues for children and spouses at the same time.

That’s why searching for a specific person on OnlyFans is a good way to prevent them from being addicted to the site and being a bad one. But if you’d like to use the username, name, or other details you have about the person and see his profile, then, using the above tools and tips, you should save time.

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