How to Find out who Someone is on Snapchat: Uncover their Real Name

Do you want to find out who someone is on Snapchat and see their real name? And you don’t know who that user is in reality? So, keep reading, I’ll show you the best ways to identify unknown users on Snapchat without adding them to your friend list or even registering to the site. Even better, you can see their real names and other things if that’s possible of course.

How to find someone’s real name on Snapchat?

Finding someone’s real name on Snapchat is not that complicated these days. Many search engines can help especially with reverse username lookup. But even with modern algorithms, some users will try to hide their names and use fake names. So expect to find a lot of information about users when they hide their identities on Snapchat just like other social apps and sites.

Without a doubt, Snapchat is one of the most popular messaging apps in the US and in the world. But can you really find the real name of users through their usernames or other ways?

I’ll try to help you to know who people are on Snapchat if you want to find their names, pictures, and other details. But that’s not always the case, it depends on what the user is willing to share with others as personal details on search engines.

Also, there are many challenges to tell who that unknown person is if he puts no details under his account on Snapchat, Facebook, or anywhere else on the web. Now, here is how to find out who someone is on the Snapchat app by their username, name, and other details.

Search engines

For now, Google should be the best site to search the web and find out a Snapchat user’s real name. But you can try Bing and even DuckDuckGo if you want, they have a different approach to crawling web pages and indexing content.

Google has a powerful search filter that searches only social media sites for a given word. So, type that exact Snapchat display name followed by “@” and see the other associated accounts on social media.

example: @dave

Here is an example, I wanted to know the real person behind a Snapchat account that I don’t recognize. So, I searched for that person on Google using his name on Snapchat. Next, here is what I found, as a result, all of his accounts and real pictures he posted somewhere on the web.

Identifying someone from Snapchat using his name

Snapchat username reverse lookup

Every Snapchat username is unique. So, it’s not that hard to find people on the chat platform by typing their usernames into a search tool. But for sure, usernames on Snapchat may have been used years ago without an active profile behind them.

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Now, to run a reverse Snapchat username lookup, make sure you use a good tool that respects your privacy and cares about online security. Many apps and sites claim that they can show you the real name of a Snapchat user. But when it comes to truth, none of them work. There are many algorithms behind username reverse search. It’s not always accurate to tell who people are behind Snapchat accounts if you don’t use the right search systems.

One of the sites that you can use to reverse lookup Snapchat usernames and find the real name of the owner behind them is People Finders. It allows you to type a username, and find who is behind it even if it’s taken from a Snapchat account or other social media sites. Just give it a try and see if you can view the full name of the user behind it.

Snapchat username reverse lookup

With someone’s username on Snapchat, you can find their address, phone number, email, their full name, and even other details like property information and more details. But that may be more or less accessible depending on the availability of the public records and how the search algorithms crawl websites or social media and compare the data. So, you can’t find the same type of information with every username search you run through these advanced techniques.

That being said, there are no free Snapchat username lookup apps that are good these days. Every piece of information that’s available to web crawlers needs server resources and lots of hardware and software configuration. That’s why advanced search tools are the best for this type of search, however, they’re paid and not free.

Who is linking to that profile?

This trick should save you time searching for ways to find out who Snapchat users are. It starts by using Google to trace the web pages that are linked to that specific account on Snapchat. Unfortunately, Google removed those features months ago. However, you still have other tools online that show you what web pages are linking to a specific Snapchat account URL.

For instance, you can try sites like ahrefs which allow a free check. So, make sure you type the correct user URL from Snapchat. Otherwise, you’ll waste the free search options.

When you see some other domains linking to that Snapchat user, there is a possibility that one of those blogs is owned by that person. In other words, when someone has a blog or site, he might be linking to his account on Snapchat to attract more followers. Consequently, you can find out who those users are through the blogs or domains they own.

On the other side, remember that other people can link to Snapchat pages even if they have nothing to do with the user behind. That way, these people are not associated, and it’s just a way to try to find the truth about users on Snapchat, so, give it a try.

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Get most of their Snapchat profile details

Snapchat is one of many other apps where millions of users share content. So, when the person that you want to identify on Snapchat has accounts on Youtube, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, it should be a matter of minutes before you see who that person is with a real name.

For that reason, it’s a good idea to see if that account owner already has other accounts on these platforms or not by adding his or her username to the site URL.

Uncover more Snapchat profile details

When you look up Snapchat usernames, there are many ways to uncover the real name behind that account and see more details when available.

Here is another example, when the person on Snapchat is using a branded username. Make sure you add that exact username to the search box. Also, put that username at the end of the site URL like the next example:

Now, replace that Snapchat username with the same display name or username you find under the person’s account. That’s the custom Youtube channel URL for branding, and most users, especially influencers prefer having that feature. So, others can easily find them by name on many social media sites.

Now, keep doing the same search, and this time for Facebook. Just follow the next URL structure and always change the Snapchat username:

Other sites like Instagram have the same feature. The site allows users to use the same name they have on other social media apps such as Snapchat or Twitter. Now, there is a chance that people have signed up on Snapchat using their accounts on Facebook or others.

That means, they use the same details and information which makes the search easier for you. Now, replace the name of the person that you can’t tell who he or she’s with the correct one on Snapchat like the following.

And because TikTok is a huge site where millions of people share videos, it can help you to find out who owns a Snapchat account. What you can do is similar to the above sites, but this time, type the username like the next one.

Just replace those details with the user’s name on Snapchat. Next, locate that TikTok account and see who it belongs to. That way, it should be possible to know for sure who a guy or girl is on Snapchat using their accounts on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, or Youtube.

In addition to these tips and tricks, you can easily find someone’s email with their Snapchat username if you try the second option in this guide. Many tools can show you hidden contact details like emails and phone numbers behind Snapchat usernames. Additionally, when you have such useful details, you should be able to uncover more secret details about users behind fake or even real accounts on Snapchat accounts.

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See who that Snapchat user is by profile picture

When a Snapchat user adds a picture to his/her profile, others can use that file to find what other social media account that person has. All you have to do in this step is to visit the Google images website. Then, put that image file in the search box, and let the search engine find other accounts linked to it.

This is a good way to tell who a Snapchat user is by his photo only, and it works many times. However, if the user is not using a picture and he’s using Bitmoji, then, it won’t be that easy to find the truth.

Bing allows users to search by picture. Save the photo first on your device or use the URL of that file instead. Then, visit the Bing search engine and click on the small camera icon like the next screenshot.

Bing reverse image search

After that, upload the photo of that person, and when the search is complete. You can see all the other web pages that contain that same file. Now, look closely for social media pages such as Facebook, and click on them. That’s an easy way to tell who’s the person behind the Snapchat account in a few minutes.

In addition to Google and Bing, there are other search engines specializing in photo recognition technology. One of these sites is TinEye, which combines multiple search systems. It offers one of the best programs to identify people from their pictures on social media. The site tells you where that specific Snapchat profile picture is being used online and lists the page with the URL and details that you can check out.


There is always a way to tell who someone is on Snapchat and find their real name using their details such as display name, photos, and username. But sometimes, that could take more time. The reason is that the user is not that easy to find through search engines and Internet tools.

In that case, I recommend keeping track of your search and linking the details you find to each other. So, when you find another social profile on that Snapchat name, have a look at that page and search Google for that exact URL; you can find more information about people that way.

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