How to Find out who Someone Is by their Phone Number

Do you need to find out who someone is by their phone number? And you’re looking for their real name, address, and even social media accounts or contacts? So, you should be able to find more details about that person using this guide.

Identify people using their phone number

When you have the phone number, you can easily uncover details about people, such as who they’re and what they do. But if you have more than a phone number as information, that will be better as it will allow you to see profiles and photos if possible. So, always make sure you take note of every single detail you get about people as you may need that later. Now, let’s identify strangers by their mobile numbers.

Phone number lookup

In the last few years, there have been lots of data leaks and many security issues with social media sites, apps, and databases. In addition, many sites know who a phone number belongs to with the first name, last name, and other details.

If you combine these two main sources of data, you’ll conclude that finding who someone is by name is easier than ever. What you need is a trusted reverse phone number lookup site. Next, add that number and view the person’s name behind it.

That being said, many of these reverse phone lookup tools are free when others are paid. So, if you don’t find the person behind that mobile number for free, try the premium search tools that work better.

For instance, the following sites work better for reverse phone lookup, so try them one by one:

Infotracer: With its premium database of data, Infotracer should be on the top list of sites where you can put a phone number and find the name of the person behind it. Moreover, there are millions of contact details that the site added regularly by crawling social media sites and using private databases.

White Pages: This is a US-based company that lets members reverse lookup phone numbers for free. But most of the data is reserved for premium users. So, give it a try and put the number in the search field. After that, see if you can see the name of the owner behind it.

Spokeo: Like the above site, Spokeo is another popular site for reverse phone number lookup in the United States. So, make sure you only use it if you think that the number you want to look up is located within the 50 states. Otherwise, you may not be able to find the owner of the phone number in other countries worldwide.


Most people use LinkedIn to connect with professionals in their domains. So, they add their contact details, such as the main mobile number and emails. That way, we can search and find who that unknown caller is by typing their cell phone number into the LinkedIn search box.

This is a fast way to find out someone’s name from their phone number. But double-check the details before you make a conclusion. Some profiles on LinkedIn are fake, just like what happens on Facebook and Instagram.

Some people, especially spammers, create fake accounts on someone else’s name or number for fraud. So, be careful when you check these details; they may be associated with someone else.


Facebook is a social media network, but also, it’s a huge database of details about people across the globe. Thus, typing the exact cell phone number into the Facebook search should bring the identity of the person behind it. But that’s only valid if that user has used the same phone number for signup and has allowed others to find him by that search detail.

Once you’re on the search page, make sure you click on “people” from the left filter area on the desktop or adjust the option on your smartphone.

Next, browse the list of Facebook profiles and see if the person you are looking for has that exact number on the site. If that’s the case, choose their profile and look for the section called “about” where you can easily find their real name and what they do.


Basically, TrueCaller is an app that people install on their iPhone exactly as on Android. It identifies the person behind a mobile number and gives the user the name, which will be displayed instantly. But you don’t have to install any app if you don’t want to.

TrueCaller has a website that you can use anytime you want. Just copy and paste the same phone number that was called, and the site will display the full name of the person who owns it.

Now, when it comes to accuracy and freshness of the detail, TrueCaller has more problems than regular phone lookup tools. So, expect to find the wrong name, as that’s what happens in reality. But also, there could be other times when users get the correct name behind a given phone number.

The main idea here is that TrueCaller can help you to see who someone is through his phone number. However, don’t always be confident that it tells the truth. You need to do your search with sites like the above ones or Google to confirm that the number belongs to that person’s name.


Typing someone’s phone number in a Google search can show you their full name and other personal information. Bing does the same, but in my own tests, Google is more sophisticated, and it can show you more data than all the other small search engines combined.

Even more, Google is dominating the global search market and in the US alone. It has over 87% of the Internet search, which is too far away from others.

Now, to find who a person is by his cell phone number, make sure you type it inside quotes on the search page. Then, view the search result page (SERP) and click on the one that you think is talking about that exact person who owns the number.

  • If you’re looking for someone’s identity through a phone number from Canada, you can use the version. It brings all the possible pages in that region.
  • For the UK, add as a search tool and use the same procedure, type in the number, and find the name behind it.


It seems that more and more people are using different phone numbers for telemarketing, spam, or other goals. So, it’s crucial these days to learn how to identify these numbers and find the real name of the person behind them. Use the above tips and tricks to find who that number belongs to for free, or use the paid options that work best.

If you had the chance to use other search strategies and found who that person is by his phone number, make sure you add your tips in the comment section below. That way, readers can use the search solutions and identify strangers quickly.

If you need to find out who someone is by their phone number and get the name behind it, then use these search solutions and tools.

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