How to Find Out who lives at an Address

Want to find out who lives at an address? And you suspect that a new neighbor may have criminal records or is a bad guy? Or maybe you want to know who is behind that home or property? So, keep reading the full guide.

I’ll show you the best ways for finding who your neighbors are with lots of data and even details about their associates, relatives, and social accounts. In fact, our world of sophisticated search engines helps millions of people around the US in learning more about others. But not all the sites work the same, and here are the best search ways.

Finding out owners of properties in the US

There can be many reasons to know more about people in your neighborhood. But what we always recommend is to keep their details confidential, and use them only for good reasons. Otherwise, it’s your personal responsibility to get their contact details for social accounts or other data.

1. Reverse lookup their home address

The best way to find your neighbors’ names is by typing their addresses into the search box of these people search tools. These sites show the possible name of residents and owners of the house, the apartment, or any other properties. You don’t have to type an exact property number; just add the whole street details.

Unlike using Google, when searching with a specific street address, people can see who the owner of that house is. Also, they can see what they do, and know if there are any personal details like email or social media profiles. That’s because the system will list them one by one with links and show you their phone numbers.

A reverse address lookup is a technology that allows people to identify their neighbors in minutes. But sometimes, not everyone gets what he looks for. So, expect to find like 95% of the address with these tools.

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That also depends on the place where you live as suburbs are not the same as buildings in New York or Los Angeles for example. Big cities have more data than small villages. And thanks to millions of members, the best tools for street address lookup can reveal more information about neighbors compared to other locations.

It’s a good way to identify neighbors

Knowing the people who live in your street needs at least basic information to start the search with. If you can type the home address, that’s better and will be faster. However, if that’s not possible, then, see if there is any other information about the homeowners. Some of the following options can help.

In many cities where crime is serious and rising, people can see the safety rating of that pace. That way, they can tell if there are bad neighbors and get their addresses. All that can help to avoid contact being in a bad neighborhood and protect your kid when making contact with them.

2. Google their address

Google is the right place to run a free reverse address search and get the name of the person behind. But that won’t work all the time. Some US areas are covered more than others because of the density of the population. And that adds an extra boost to the data that the search engine indexed about that location.

Now, for sure, Google is so big in terms of information. It’s the biggest search engine in the world, but many don’t even think about using its advanced search system. So, try it and type the address of one of your neighbors or yours to see if there is anyone on Google. It’s a good site to find who lives at a specific address.

3. NextDoor

Unlike social media, NextDoor is a website that only verified neighbors can use. Which happens thanks to their address verification process that allows real neighbors to use their site and communicate with others in the same area. In addition to its power of building local communities, these sites come with a search system to locate neighbors and see their names with photos and even posts if they’re active. Otherwise, it’s a simple platform to see who lives at a specific building with first and last names as details

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4. White Pages

Sometimes, every piece of information counts. And when it comes to finding who is the person who lives at an address, many details can help. That allows you to have a good idea about the safety of your neighborhood and avoid potential sex offenders, criminals, and bad ones. For that reason, White Pages is one of the oldest reverse address lookup and background check sites that offer public records.

Some of the information the site shows is for free, but most of the data is paid, and we don’t encourage you to buy a subscription on White Pages or Yellow Pages. That’s because there are other options with better services and more fresh data.

White Pages offer the option to search by home address. So, just type that into their search box and see what the site can show as details if you only need the name of your neighbor. You can see that data for free, and if that’s not the case, there is probably no information found about them.

With over 170 million users in the United States alone, Linkedin is a good place on the web to find information about people who are living in proximity. All you have to do is type your street name or code, followed by the city name and ZIP. And you’ll see the possible names of neighbors living in that proximity.

If you don’t use LinkedIn, this is the time to try it. It’s used by professionals who want to build their online network with people in the same field of interest. Many of them list their addresses on their profile details. Also, many members add the contact details like phone numbers and their job of course.

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So, it’s not a waste of time like other sites. If you think there are many business owners in your neighborhood, type your home address, and the site may list the profiles of individuals in that proximity.

Why identify people living on your street?

In addition to many reasons for verifying the identities of neighbors, many people face serious threats when it comes to crimes. And when you look for a website that lists your bad neighbors, you’ll find many. But they won’t show you any useful information about these people, and who they’re. That’s why combining the above options can show you more details than using a single site.

Knowing the name of the neighbor residing next to your home door is not only for curiosity but more. People can exchange ideas, talk to each other or build strong communities in crises and tough times. And without taking care of his neighbors, it won’t be a good place to live in, with kids and families.


These are the best ways to see who’s the person living at any given address. Make sure you try the option that suits your needs as not all of them offer the same details. Even if White Pages may look free, it’s not, and others like Google can show you the same information but completely for free.

On the other hand, when you look for premium data about any neighbor, then, only the reverse address lookup with the first option on this page can help, so try it.

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