How to Find out Who’s Behind an Instagram Account

Can you find out who is behind an Instagram account? And what to do if that profile is fake and the person who owns it is someone else and not the real one?

In fact, dealing with fake Instagram users may take less or more time depending on what method you search through. But also, there are many other ways to trace people on Instagram exactly as on Facebook and other social media sites and find who they’re with full names and personal details.

In this guide, I’ll show you how you can identify those guys or girls behind Instagram pages and get their details. Many scammers hide their identities and use the same name as others. While that becomes a real problem in the US, it’s crucial sometimes to know the first plus the last name of the unknown individuals behind IG profiles.

Identifying people behind their Instagram accounts

Whether or not someone’s Facebook account is real, fake, or even hacked, you are still able to trace them and tell who they’re; follow these tips.

Reverse social media search engines

This might sound strange to many. But many advanced search engines allow users to identify accounts on Instagram and other sites. But first, make sure you have the correct username and name of the Instagram account you want to identify. After that, use the best tools you have and find who Instagram users are by their name, phone numbers, emails, or even username and more.

Search by name

If the Instagram account has a name on his profile page, then, use that in a search tool like Instant Checkmate and find out who it belongs to. For instance, you can copy and paste the exact Instagram name on Google or other sites and find the details behind it.

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Bing, on the other side, can help in searching for details about a specific Instagram account by their name. So, make sure you try Bing and find out if there are pages or public details about the person behind those pages.

In most cases, people who create accounts on Instagram use their real names or fake nicknames. But that doesn’t mean you can’t trace these users, so, give this search trick a try.

Search by usernames

This is the best way to find out who owns an Instagram account because usernames may hide lots of data about these guys. So, to make sure you get most of the reverse username lookup sites. Always copy the same username and paste it without space in a search box. Then, watch for pages or other social media accounts on that exact username.

For instance, when people create their Instagram accounts for the first time, the site asks them to fill in their personal details automatically from one of their existing accounts, such as Facebook or Google.

Consequently, these users might not be aware that the site extracts their names and other details, including phone numbers, from Facebook.

Sometimes, users neglect these details unless they find them helpful for others to search them on the site. As a result, even after removing these details, search engines might already find the Instagram profile. Next, they index many details, including the page’s username and the user’s name.

Other than that, people search engines can crawl Instagram or Facebook and organize details about the users behind them in a clear way. So, you have the possibility to trace fake Instagram users and find who they’re with first name, last name, and even address if that’s already there.

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To find the username of someone on Instagram, visit their profile. Now, you’ll see it on the page URL, or directly under the profile sections like the following example.

Instagram account username lookup

The biggest advantage of using this search method is that it allows us to find out who’s the person behind a private Instagram account because we have their username. Thus, there could be other hidden accounts on many other sites with that same username, which should tell us who that person is.

Find who they’re by picture

This should work if the person who manages that Instagram account is using his real photo or when they use that same picture somewhere on the web. Hence, it can work but not for everyone here. Many websites like Social Catfish let users upload their profile pictures, and that can make things easier.

Reverse image search

The best site you can use to find who someone is on Instagram is Google in the first place. It’s so big as a search engine, and its reverse image search technology works well. Thus, just visit that person’s profile on Instagram. Next, right-click on their profile picture and save it on your local computer or phone.

After that, use Google Images and put that file in the search box. So the search engine can find websites or pages where that photo was posted. Finally, you have to check those pages and look for details about the person behind them. It’s possible to find other accounts on Facebook or many sites with full bio descriptions or comments on social media.

Bonus tips, identify IG users through Videos

This might not be accurate because reverse video search is at its beginning. So, there is no big progress on this technology like what happens with images. Indeed, uploading a video and seeing where it was shared on the Internet is not that easy, nor that’s impossible.

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So, try sites like Berify or search Google for reverse video search. You may find newly added tools and apps on your smartphone. Next, come back to one of the videos you can see on the user’s Instagram account you need to identify and download that file.

For now, you can use sites like Igram to download videos from Instagram. Just like with images, right-click on the exact video you want to download. Then, click on the “copy video URL” or similar text depending on your device and browser type.

Next, add that video URL from Instagram to the site’s search box, and validate. Wait for the search to be done, and don’t be surprised to find that same Instagram video being shared also on the same person’s account he owns on Facebook or TikTok. From there, you can check out the personal details on the page and tell who that person is.


Finding out who the real person behind an Instagram account is could take a few minutes of your time. But if you can’t see any name on that user’s details like username or profile name, then try searching the web for their pictures.

Don’t just stop on the profile photos. But look for other photos that users shared on their timelines. Also, read their bio section on Instagram, and add every single detail you find about them to your next search.

You may find the city where that hidden Instagram user lives or the place where they work, etc… These details are helpful for any search, especially when it comes to fake users on social media apps.

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