How to Find out Personal Information about Someone Online

With millions of websites, blogs, and social media profiles that people create every year, we can find every piece of information about them. But once you find yourself in the need to get someone’s personal details using the Internet, not all the options work.

So, if you have doubts, they are another romance scammer, or even to reconnect with long-lost friends and missed individuals, the challenge here is that there are many ways. But not all of them work 100% of the time.

For that reason, here are the best strategies to locate people’s details using the Internet. Some of these solutions are totally free, while others may require a small investment in a full report that shows you everything you need about your friend or future partner that you’d like to know more about.

If someone is lying about their personal details and history, these platforms and sites can show you the hidden information. Now here is how you can investigate someone online.

9 tools for finding details about people

Once you’re in the member area of an advanced people search site, (use the following button), there will be multiple options to find details about almost anyone in under two minutes or so. It’s not the same as what most people know about search engines like Google.

It’s a different type of system that scans millions of websites, including social media, the dark web, private data sources, and others. Then, it organizes the data based on names, emails, phone numbers, etc…

Next, these algorithms collect exclusive data that’s not visible publicly. After that, the tools import that personal information and add it to their vast database.

They’re called advanced people-search because they offer different options to find the details. And also, because they show the data in a well-organized way that members understand and can scan in seconds. In addition, there are powerful servers behind the scenes. In addition, these platforms crawl millions of sites and pages to find the data.

Lots of sources to find the data

Some of the places these tools collect information from, including, social media, the dark, regular Serah engines, and private databases of data. These algorithms crawl the web and find details about individuals that are not visible to standard search engines.

With these search systems, you can find different types of personal information about people, including the following.

  • Actual home address
  • Cell phone numbers
  • Landline numbers
  • Emails
  • Social media profiles
  • Hidden accounts on different websites, if available
  • Dating profiles, if there are any
  • Relatives
  • Associates
  • Photos
  • Marriage Records
  • Criminal records
  • Previous addresses
  • Education background
  • Arrest records
  • Ownership and more or fewer details depending on the data availability

Most of these tools let you find people by their first name and state. But also, offer other ways to find their personal details by email, address, username, or phone number. That being said, finding someone’s net worth or financial situation won’t always be accurate if they hide assets and properties. So, combine these search engines with your own investigations.

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2. Use their photos

Reverse image search engines like Google images, and Tineye have different options. These sites allow anyone to find free information on people in a few moments. And that can bring more data than what the user expected.

Sometimes, people are lost in thousands of details that they can’t manage, such as names and nicknames. But once they use a reverse image search engine, things will be easier to understand.

That’s because using someone’s picture can show you many of their online details like their real name, where they live, what they own, and even more. But that’s not always possible for many to get a photo and start the search with it.

If you’re thinking about the number of data that you can find when searching by images, then, there is no clear answer. Even if Google Images is a free way to search for people’s details, it can show you fake social profiles created by spammers. For that reason, you can’t tell for sure if that page belongs to that person or to someone else unless you do your own investigations.

Thus, we recommend everyone who uses a face recognition search engine, to look for the freshness of the data and compare things. If there is a photo that was posted years ago, it can’t be a reliable source of information about someone who may be moved to another state or country now. So, the name can be the correct one, but the address will be outdated.

3. Google

Google is on the top list of trusted websites where you can find people’s information when you search by username, name, or even other details, including their addresses or photos.

What you need with Google search is one of the basic details to start. In fact, the person’s name, and the city can help. But also, if you know the last location where they worked or lived, it can narrow down more search details.

Google has an advanced search tool that makes finding hidden information about a person, a matter of minutes. Instead of adding all the details in one line, just filter the results by language, location, or website. And of course, you can type in the search box the name of the person or any of their details like address or phone number.

4. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is one of the best search engines to find people’s details for free. Even if it’s not as big as Google, it comes with a huge database of details. The search engine works somehow the same as others, but it respects the privacy of users and never tracks them like Google.

For search, it brings the data from websites, blogs, and social media, including Facebook and LinkedIn. And in our tests, DuckDuckGo is a search engine that you can count on to find free information on someone like their age, education, place of work, or even their social media profiles.

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For missed connections, the site can’t show details from many years ago like Google. It’s a new search engine, and that also should be taken into consideration.

5. Bing

Owned by Microsoft, Bing is one of the best websites that can give you personal information about people instantly. It has different algorithms and lots of crawler resources to fetch data from sites, blogs, and online profiles.

At the same time, Bing is also known for its stable search, which means that if someone has a profile, somewhere, on the Internet, that can be found on Bing even months after the removal of the data. Thus, it can show the missing information that Google removed a time ago.

Finding personal information about someone with Bing

To get basic information about a person with the help of Bing, start by typing his full name. Then, if that does not work, try other details, including usernames, emails, etc…

6. White Pages reverse lookup

This is an old site and one of the largest free people search engines that have been offering services since 1997. But not all the data is accurate as that may change from day to day based on what their system finds.

With White Pages, users can find basic personal information about individuals without paying any fees. However, some contact details like cell phone numbers and emails are only visible for a cost that depends on the membership plan.

White Pages also offers a background check with the person’s name and state. Then, it searches its internal database and may show any relevant information that people asked for. That can include marriage records, arrest records, and ownership details.

All that may be available to see in a report. But that will cost a fee, and the only details we can find about people for free on Whitepages are their actual home addresses and landline numbers. However, in some cases, users may find relatives and associates in the search report. But in our experience, that’s not what always happens.

If you don’t have the name of the person you look for, but you can guess it, then, use the free people search directory at the bottom of the WhitePages website. Next, start with selecting the first letter of their name. Then, choose a name based on a ZIP code, city, or state.

That can take hours to find a single piece of information about someone you lost for years. But give it a try; it can work and show you his or her landline number for free (cell numbers are not available for free).

7. Search on social media

When we talk about social media, it’s not mainly Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram only; there are many sites where you can search for people and find their personal information for free. However, Facebook is still the biggest platform where millions of users log in daily.

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Now, start with a first, type in the search box of Facebook your friend’s first name. Then, choose the city where he lives or other filters.

Twitter also offers a good search tool that can be adjusted based on people’s names, or other details. Consequently, users can find different pieces of information about their partners or others they want to know more about. That helped thousands of people to track down a person and check his details. But always, remember, you need to spend some time on the site as it can show you lots of similar profiles.

8. LinkedIn

We decided to use LinkedIn as a separate way to search for people with free public records. It’s not like Facebook or other similar sites. In fact, this is the right place to find information about CEOs, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who wants to showcase their skills and educational background.

As a result, when looking for someone on LinkedIn, people may see up-to-date contact details. That may include new mobile numbers, emails, and places of work.

What’s even more helpful with LinkedIn is its search system. You can use it to locate someone by university name, city, company, or other data. Compared to other people searching websites that are free, LinkedIn can show more data that’s updated. And that’s because users often care about their profiles and check them for changes.

Reddit is one of the most visited websites in the USA and also in the world. It’s a kind of social news aggregation site that gets short posts and content from members. Then, users can vote them up or down based on likes, quality, interests, and other factors.

What really matters here is the information and personal details you can collect about people, especially if they’re celebrities. That’s because Reddit members often focus on news related to well-known individuals, companies, and internet-related information.

Once you search for someone’s name on Reddit, check the posts and comments and see if there is any information associated with them. But don’t be surprised to find things that are not easy to obtain with Google.


By using these people’s details to find websites and options, you may find their contact information, locations, social media, and even photos. That may differ from one site to another, but what’s for sure useful, is that the Internet has made all that possible in a few clicks of a button.

In a few moments, we can find details about almost anyone without the need to ask them directly. And that’s great for verifying someone’s background history and details for romance and dating purposes or to find long-lost connections and family members.

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