How to Find Someone you Know on WhatsApp

In this guide, we’ll show you exactly how to search for someone’s WhatsApp account (number) and find them through basic details. So, to know if a specific person is using Whatsapp, you can start the search with their name, email, home address, or other options like a mobile phone number or username if available by following easy steps. You don’t have to waste time with dozens of sites that never work, just use the following recommendations and search ways.

Locating people on WhatsApp

If you’re not into using the default WhatsApp search option to find people from your contact list, then you still have other options to know if they have hidden accounts. Just keep changing the search option to diversify your chances of getting their social profiles as the next.

1. Find people on WhatsApp through their name

If you need to find someone on WhatsApp but without their number, start with this search method. All you have to do is look up the person’s name with the following dedicated search engine, then search and the hidden and public social profiles in one report.

In addition to the contact details, emails, and social profiles like Facebook and Instagram, you may get more data than what you expect about the person using his name only. However, you need to select a state or a city to simplify your search.

When you use this technique, you can find almost anyone’s WhatsApp without even his knowledge, he won’t tell you that you searched for them, and even better, the search is anonymous and fully encrypted.

Remember that WhatsApp is not the only messaging app. There are more similar solutions that millions of people use, like iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, and others. And by looking at these different sites, you may uncover hidden applications that your partner is using secretly if that’s true, of course.

2. Search by cell phone number

Finding someone on WhatsApp with his number should be easy if the person used that contact detail on social media. Most of the data you can find online is the result of combining dozens or even more databases with millions of public records.

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So, when someone signs up for WhatsApp, he uses the phone number to be identified. And by doing that, he can search faster for you because he also created a Facebook account using the same number, an Instagram profile, etc…

What’s even more surprising with this method is that people could own secondary cell numbers for their other social profiles. Thus, if you look up the person’s primary number using any of the advanced tools like the one mentioned above, you may find the hidden mobile numbers that he uses secretly. Next, by knowing that contact information, you can type it in the search box and find other data linked to it.

But wait, because you want to see if the person has WhatsApp or not on his smartphone, you have to add that number to your contact list first. Then, search with it directly from WhatsApp. The app may not show you all the users that are not on your contact list. But once you add their numbers, it will bring you all the profiles, even if you’ve not been added to their contacts.

3. Find friends on WhatsApp by email

This is another way to tell if someone has a WhatsApp profile or not. It works by using a tool for reverse email lookup, next, watching for any possible account in his name. That won’t take longer than the other search options, but sometimes, you can find more or fewer data depending on the number of accounts the person created with that email address.

In other words, patience is the key to finding almost anyone’s account, no matter if it’s WhatsApp, Viber, or others. Once you get new data, use it as a new search entry to find more, and the email address is one of the best ways to find the social accounts someone has. If you’re lucky, you’ll find the WhatsApp icon under the social tab, which will take you directly to the person’s WhatsApp profile.

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Other ways

Everyone is aware of finding his friends or even people he doesn’t know personally on iPhone and also on Android. So, using the contact option offered by the app should bring all the users who own a WhatsApp account. But what if you don’t know the number of the person? Can you really locate them?

WhatsApp, like many other apps, allows the user to choose their unique username. As a result, everyone has a single name that people can identify with it. But you don’t have to look elsewhere to find a person’s username on WhatsApp. Just use any of his other usernames found on Facebook or related social media networks.

The power of advanced username reverse lookup brings more data than what you can get by using search engines like Google. That’s because the data come from both public and private databases with an enormous amount of data in the USA.

Here is how it works, let’s suppose that someone you know or even you never met in person has a Facebook account. Now, check that profile and take note of the username that’s shown in the URL address bar at the top of the browser (Chrome, Safari, etc…)

Because people prefer one username for all their social accounts, they’ll register on other sites with that exact username. Now, use a tool that reverses-lookup that username, and you may find all his social accounts at once, including WhatsApp, if that’s valid. Otherwise, even if you don’t find a WhatsApp account, you’ll see the person’s hidden profiles on Snapchat, Facebook, etc…

From there, you may get his other cell phone numbers you don’t know about. Finally, all you have to do is add the second phone number the person owns into your contact list, and then, just use the search option on WhatsApp to find if they have accounts associated with that number or not. It may take a few minutes or so if you search, but make sure you use all the information you find about them as they can help a lot.

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Use his/her home address

If the person you’re looking for on WhatsApp is your partner, boyfriend, or girlfriend, then you have his home address to use as a new search way, just use the button above and type the exact street address of the person. After that, look for any possible accounts under his social media report on the background check page.

You can also find the LinkedIn profile with other details which can help you to know more about people. Moreover, it’s not always easy to collect multiple search engines into one powerful tool that brings you the most people’s details in one single report. For that reason, searching for someone on WhatsApp won’t take hours if you use the right system.

What if they don’t have your number?

Don’t worry about this; it’s simple, WhatsApp shows you the persons who have accounts on your contact list. In other words, it doesn’t matter if they have your number or not; you can see if they have WhatsApp or not.

Many WhatsApp users still believe that the app links people who added each other as a contact. However, that’s not true; WhatsApp is an application that wants to bring more users. And so, they encourage people to chat by showing relatives, friends, or people in their contacts with photos or icons. Thus, they know that the person is on WhatsApp. So, yes, you can see if someone has WhatsApp by saving his number to your own contacts.


Now, you know how to search for someone on WhatsApp and get his profile with other social media accounts. Make sure you start with the person’s first name as it’s better for search; then, if that doesn’t return any profile, switch the search by his email or even the address. Always check his online presence with his phone number, bringing most of his hidden accounts, including WhatsApp and other apps.

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