Getting Messages From Unknown Numbers On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is among the favored free apps for instant messaging, helping people reach out to anyone worldwide. While it’s a convenient resource for individuals to stay connected to people they meet along with close friends and family, there is the possibility for accounts to be violated with unsolicited contact invading personal privacy.

The suggestion is when getting messages from unknown numbers on WhatsApp; it’s relatively simple to block these contacts from reaching your number, depending on whether you have an Android or iOS. 

In the same vein as other social platforms, it’s essential to ensure you remain vigilant in your attempt to stay safe from spam, scams, and harm to your sensitive information, identity, and your device.

Hackers are clever and determined to use any and every platform in their attempts to gain access to whatever information they can gather. It only takes just the piece of data, and they can expand on that using other methods they have perfected in their professional criminal careers. 

Let’s look at how you can stop them as soon as they contact your account.

How to stop getting messages from unknown numbers on WhatsApp

In the current digital landscape, people are involved in many more online platforms, especially messaging apps like WhatsApp. 

The idea for engaging in these mediums is to keep in touch with close friends and family but also to meet, become acquainted and develop friendships globally in almost a penpal sort of context. 

People become super close via online social networks to the point they take holidays so they can visit with each other. International friendships are increasing, exciting, and shouldn’t be dampened because of a few bad seeds attempting to scam people with ill intentions.

Many of these are hackers hoping to get just a piece of data they can use to either sell for a reasonable price to a spam agency or find a way to steal an identity.

When you don’t recognize a number, believing it’s spam or a scam, it is possible to block the number so the individual can’t contact you again. Android and iOS each offer their own process for doing so. Let’s look at the steps for each.

For Android phones

  1. Login to your Whatsapp account
  2. Go to the right-hand corner at the top of the screen to access the “three vertical dots: under which there will be a “more options” selection, and under that will be a “settings” choice.
  3. When tapping on settings, go to the “account” selection to access your account.
  4. The account menu will allow you to designate “privacy” stipulations under which you can go to “blocked contacts.”
  5. This menu will allow you to add to those contacts, from which point you can either select or search for the connection to block.
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A suggestion for those who could have received a chat message or could have chatted with someone unknown, it’s possible to block the individual from the chat screen. 

It’s merely a matter of opening that screen and then tapping on the “three vertical dots” at the top where it will show a menu option “more,” and then under more, you can select “block.”

For iOS phones

  1. Again, you’ll need to login into your WhatsApp account for access
  2. With iOS, the “settings” icon is located in the right-hand corner at the bottom
  3. Under this menu, you will find “account,” which will give you access to your personal account details
  4. From the account pull down, you can select “privacy,” under which will be “blocked”
  5. When you select blocked, it will prompt you to “add new,” and you can, again, look for the contact you need to have blocked

The quick tip with iOS for blocking someone you’ve had chatting experiences with or an unknown messenger who sent a chat is to open the chat and tap that individual’s name at the top. It will then have you scroll down to the “block/name” to actually activate the action.

Blocking someone on WhatsApp means the individual can no longer reach out to you in any way. The person will not have access to notifications, calls, messages, or status updates from the person. 

Changes you make to your profile will remain unseen by the person you’ve blocked. Your “last seen” stamp or status as far as whether you’re on the network will be invisible to anyone blocked.

The person will not receive a direct alert that they’ve been blocked. That doesn’t mean it won’t be apparent, or there aren’t methods for them to verify their status relating to your account. In many cases, users can pretty much tell when someone has blocked them.

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Unblocking someone on WhatsApp

Perhaps you blocked someone in error on WhatsApp. Maybe someone messaged you from a new phone without letting you know who they were and that they got an unknown number. 

Or perhaps the two of you had a misunderstanding, and you decided to take a break for a brief period, and blocking was just the ideal way for the two of you to stay out of each other’s way.

The idea is you want to get back in good graces, but you need to unblock their number and hope they’ve done the same, maybe haven’t blocked you at all. You can unblock people as easily as you place the block on your phone. Check out the steps.

Android devices

  1. You need to go to the top right corner of the WhatsApp home screen to the three vertical dots to bring the pull menu down so you can select the “more” option, from which you will then choose “settings.”
  2. Once in settings, you’ll then go into your personal “account,” where you can pull down the menu to access the “privacy” selection and go into “blocked contacts.”
  3. Tap onto the account that’s been blocked and select “unblock/name or number.” 

It’s also possible to reopen a chat from a blocked contact that might have messaged you by tapping on their name and striking “unblock.”

iOS devices

  1. You’ll need to be on the home screen after initial login so you can access the “settings” pull-down menu at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. From that point, you’ll go into your personal “account” menu and tap into “privacy,” from which you’ll enter the “blocked” menu.
  3. Find the individual’s name or the contact number that’s been blocked on the “detail page” and choose “unblock.”

The suggestion is that when you block someone on WhatsApp, the contact will still show on your phone. If you want the individual or the number to be eliminated entirely from your device, you’ll need to delete the contact from your phone aside from merely blocking them from the platform. 

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Deleting the contact from your phone eliminates the need to block the number from the app. Once the connections are deleted from the Android or iOS device, they will no longer appear in WhatsApp. 

However, suppose a stranger somehow gets your number and messages you on the platform. In that case, you will need to delete them and block them from your device and the app if they show up to eliminate the harassment and the potential for unsavory repercussions.

It’s also vital to determine how the person got your number in the first place. No one should share their phone number with anyone with whom there aren’t close intimate ties or work alongside. 

Even in a work situation, only those in a leadership position and a need-to-know capacity should be given that information. There are too many other ways to communicate that a private mobile number shouldn’t be given out haphazardly.

If someone gave your details without permission, that would break trust and be a reason to reconsider that relationship, especially since you’re dealing with repercussions from that indiscretion. 


Platforms like Whatsapp are ideal for staying in touch with close friends or family members despite the possibility of moving to other areas. You can also reach out to acquaintances you make around the globe, which many of us do daily either through work or via many of our social networks. 

Chatting in a more private, free platform allows friendships to bloom. Some people take the opportunity to meet their new friends when they go on holiday or take business trips.

Needless to say, Whatsapp is in the same category as any social platform or app. There are bad seeds in the bunch who attempt to ruin the good time for everyone else. 

The difference with this app is that it’s supposed to be hack-free, but users get messages from strangers and numbers popping up they don’t know often.

The way to continue to enjoy the privileges these online networks offer without facing repercussions from scams and spammers or the possibility of a potential hacker is to block the strangers who pop into your chats until the platform finds out how people are breaking through a hack-free program.

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