Free Reverse Email Lookup for Social Networks

When you want to find someone on social networks using free reverse email lookup, many tools bubble here and there on Google. But what if the site that you want to use is not really secure and trusted? Even more, what if the apps that people install to see the online profiles associated with someone’s email are fake and not real?

In this guide, we’ll be talking about the online tools and free search engines you can use. So, you can find friends and people on Facebook, Instagram, and other sites from their email addresses.

Finding people on social media by email for free


If Google is not able to find the social accounts on the email ID you searched for, then, probably that’s because the profile has been blocked from being crawled by search engines. In other words, the page is there on the social media site, but it’s hidden from being found through Google.

In this case, you should be able to search LinkedIn directly for that specific email address and find the associated accounts on social networks that the person is behind them. Thus, there could be a LinkedIn profile with other contact details, numbers, and even bio descriptions that may tell you about all the other accounts on social media that the guy owns.

LinkedIn is great for social networking, and it’s a useful site to find people on other platforms through their emails.


Find social profiles by email on Orbitly

The Orbitly website offers the first email lookup for free, so make sure you correctly type it in the search. After that, if the site finds profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other apps, you should be able to see their page URLs which is great.

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Whether it’s for personal or business use, this online tool should help you in getting the social media profile of people through their email addresses, so, give it a try.

Google search works well for any type of search. Hence, the advanced search filter system brings dozens of complicated algorithms to your screen. So, the search starts by typing the email address inside quotes and adding words like “social media” or “profile” at the end. That gives the search engine an idea about what you’re looking for. For example, profiles on Facebook or Twitter, and best of all, this is a free email lookup.

Here is an example:


Make sure you change that with the same email ID of the person you want to find on Instagram. And of course, repeat the same search, but this type by replacing the site’s domain name with others including,, etc…

Social searcher

This website is one of the best places on the Internet to find influencers and social media profiles for free. All you need to start the search is one of the basic details such as the name. Remember that you can type the full email address.

The site is used by thousands of users who want to get new ideas for their marketing. Additionally, the site is used by many others to find people’s hidden accounts on social media networks and what they have to say about specific brands, etc…

Clearbit Connect

Finding social profiles by email with Clearbit Connect

This powerful free Chrome extension can show you the social media profiles associated with people from your Gmail inbox (or from your Google contacts list). In other words, by knowing someone’s email address, this Gmail extension can show you their Twitter account, Facebook page, and more in a clear way.

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You can use Clearbit Connect for free and find all the public profiles of the person behind it. You don’t have to waste time with other search tools that never work.

This is a clever way to see if someone has a profile on multiple social network sites by typing his or her email ID in the search box. In fact, the email ID is like the username that the person may use on that website or smartphone application. Consequently, you can easily type that same email ID at the end of the site URL to find the associated account.

Keep in mind that this solution may work and may not depend on what the user is trying to show for public search. In addition, there could be different profile page URLs and email IDs.


Personally, what I don’t like about this website is its design. It looks ugly and not clear at all. However, it’s still a free reverse email lookup site that finds people on many known social networks. So, use Yasni to search for the exact email you want to look up, then, browse the different names you can see from the list. To start the search, you can add that email address under the last green search box on their homepage.

After that, scroll down on that search page until you see some profiles on social networks. From there, check out the profiles on Facebook, for example, and read the details.

As a note here, you may find the details of the search complicated to read, some are here, and others are there without clear visual classification. So, take your time and search through these profiles. Maybe the person you want to find is there with a public account on other social networks you’re not aware of.

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These are the best ways to reverse lookup someone’s email address and find their account on social networks. It all depends on what details the social media website shares with search engines like Google but most of the time. It should be easy to find these profiles, especially if the person you want to find is not a scammer or spammer.

Now, if you think that the person’s email address is used by a scammer, then, other advanced search tools may help better. But that does not mean the free search engines are bad; they work. But when you find no profile on these email addresses, you can search for paid options instead.

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