How to Find the Owner of a Cell Phone Number for Free

Is there any real way to find the owner of a cell phone number for free? And can you really get the name of that number without paying any fees in the US? And if that’s possible, what are the best search engines or tools to identify the person behind strange mobile numbers or even landlines?

Now, don’t assume it’s that hard to trace the owner of a phone number with no charge. There are many solutions that should work for many. But of course, it’s not always the case. So expect to use multiple search strategies sometimes to find out the first and last name of the caller if you don’t want to use your credit card for paying subscriptions. So, here are the best techniques for 2022.

How to find the owner of a cell phone number?

Tracing the real person behind a phone call that you don’t recognize is not the same for everyone. In some conditions, the number of the fake caller appears to be from a specific region when it’s not in reality. That’s caused by spoofing and other spam techniques to hide the identity of cell phone numbers in the US, UK, and other places.

On the other side, you have other Telemarketers that call days, nights, and anytime they want from random numbers, which could complicate the search. However, if you have some time to search these spammers and identify them before blocking their numbers, then this guide is for you.

If you have no time and no tool succeeds in finding the owner of that specific phone number, then, in this case, only paid search systems should show you who that caller is.

Now, let’s continue with the free options to see the name of the phone number that may call or appear on your phone bill, and that you can’t identify.


TrueCaller phone lookup

It doesn’t matter if you use iPhone or Android devices, TrueCaller has apps for these OS, and you can see the name of the caller instantly. But if you already have that unknown number that you don’t recognize, then use their website and type it in the search box. Then, do the reverse cell phone number lookup and wait for the site to show you the possible real name of that caller. You couldn’t tell who they’re.

Even if TrueCaller is free, it’s still one of the best tools anyone can use to get rid of spam and block those numbers automatically. Millions of people use the app on their phones all over the world and not only in the US. Consequently, the app can easily show you the real name of the owner behind that phone number, even if it’s International, which is not easy to access these days.

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These are the main features of this mobile App:

  • You can see who’s calling you by their name
  • It’s a good tool to verify phone numbers
  • Blocking the spam number with a click of the button

By putting a cell phone number in the Google search box, you can find the owner’s name and address if that’s already indexed. So, it’s worth it all the way, and it’s a totally free way to reverse-lookup phone numbers.

Google had a huge directory of phone numbers and names in the past. So, at that time, it was possible to use Google reverse phone lookup for free and find details about the person behind that call. Unfortunately, because millions of people request the removal of their data, the search engine shut down the online service.

Now, Google is still valid for this search. Just type that cell phone number, inside quotes, and see who’s the owner through Google.

Social media sites

Facebook alone has Billions of users, and if you add apps like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and others, you’ll understand that these are the heaven of people’s data.

In fact, by typing somebody’s phone number in a Facebook search, users can see who that person is with their name and even other personal details. Hence, that’s not valid for all the Facebook profiles out there. So, add the contact number to Facebook, and hit the search button.

After that, I recommend clicking on the “people” filter option from the left screen area on your laptop.

Identifying a phone number using Facebook

For mobile, click on the hamburger menu icon from the top of the screen. Next, find “people” and that way, you should only get users behind that cell number.

If that makes no difference, let the Facebook search show you all the information found through that number. In other words, you have to check the posts, pages, comments, and discussions where that number appears on the site.

Twitter also offers a good search filter that saves time. So, if you’re signed in to your Twitter account, type that phone number in the search location and validate.

Twitter's free reverse lookup for mobile number

Google Maps

Getting a spam phone call from someone you are not able to recognize could be frustrating. Thus when you don’t search for these callers and tell who they’re, that would be annoying for many. But what if you can type the mobile number into Google Maps and find who it’s? Easy right?

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However, don’t expect to find a personal phone number in Google Maps. This should work only for public phone numbers owned or managed by businesses and companies. If the number that is called belongs to a specific company or telemarketing agency, there is a chance to find it on the Map even with the address and photos.

Mobile apps

Depending on what model you have as a phone, there are many apps that track the real caller ID and show you the name. Also, if the number is not real, these apps can tell who’s behind it with their full name, photos, and even their address if that’s available. For now, the following are recommended tools:

Caller-ID is a top-rated app that iPhone users enjoy using to lookup global phone numbers directly from their devices. This was designed primarily for the iPad as a display screen, but it works well for all iOS screens. When you find a cell phone number on your phone bill that’s not known to you, you can use this search app to see who it’s behind.

CallDetector is on the top list of the most trusted apps to lookup mobile numbers for free on Android. With this useful app, users can identify who’s calling them, no matter if it’s an individual or a company behind it. By the way, there is unlimited reverse lookup, and that’s a good feature.

Showcaller is one of the most downloaded phone lookup apps on iOS. It’s a good program that scans the caller number before it appears on your phone screen. Then, it shows the name of that person and from where he or she’s calling.

Whoscall has a good feature that lets you search for unknown numbers and see who these guys are. This is an iPhone app that helps you identify spam numbers and block them easily. In addition, there are over 90 million downloads actually with an average rating on the App store.


I don’t recommend skipping this great search engine; it does not track your search. That’s clear for sure, but also, it brings the search results from hundreds of different sources. One of these sources of details is the main search engines. But there are other directories, and sites like DuckDuckGo crawl frequently and index the pages.

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Finding a phone number owner on Bing

Bing is not Google or other search engines. It’s a different algorithm, and so, a different way to index information such as phone numbers and names. To find the owner of any given phone number with Bing, type it in the search box and read the search results. In the above example, I typed the phone number of NASA, which is just to show you that, yes, it’s still possible to lookup a number for free with Bing.

In addition, to the main search algorithms, you may try Bing Maps, it’s not like Google Maps, and there are many differences. So, it’s recommended to type that cell number you don’t recognize in Bing Maps and see who it’s behind it.

Always trace the location behind the number

This is crucial, and you can’t tell who the caller is without limiting your search to specific countries or regions. If the number that you want to trace starts with a strange extension, then type that in Google, and you should find what’s the country behind it. The Wikipedia resource can help by showing you the list of country codes worldwide, so make sure you check it out.

When you know where the cell phone number is coming from, that would be helpful. It’s because you can focus on that country instead of many. Next, search Google for words like the phone book directory for that country. When you find an online resource, type the number there and discover who’s behind it.


These are the only possible solutions to find the owner of cell phone numbers without paying any subscription or wasting money. Some of these search tricks show the name of the caller and its location. While others may show you the country and city where that person is calling from.

In all cases, when you combine multiple search techniques and sites, you should get answers about the real hidden identity of the person behind the cell phone number, especially.

Landlines are easier to trace in North America. But when we talk about mobile numbers, there should be challenges in identifying people who use them.

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