How to stop relying on your boyfriend for happiness

How to Not Depend on your Boyfriend for Happiness

It’s not unnatural for a person to look to their boyfriend as a source of happiness and joy in their world. The problems begin when there’s a dependence on the man to create that happiness for you.  When you believe the gentleman is the only one capable of your joy or the sole reason for … Read this

Why does my husband look at younger women?

Why Does my Husband Look at Younger Women?

Perhaps you’re curious, even furious, because your husband looks at other women, including those younger than yourself and himself. And it’s not only something that happens in passing while you’re out in real-time but intentionally online on varied social media platforms. What does it mean?  Does it have to mean something? Some men say it … Read this

How to stop being jealous and insecure with your boyfriend

How to Stop Being Jealous with your Boyfriend

If you have issues with jealousy and want to find ways to stop being jealous of your boyfriend, the power to do so lies within yourself. The behavior is typically tied to personal insecurities and self-doubt, though everyone experiences it to a degree.  We wouldn’t be passionate, feeling humans if we didn’t. But suppose you … Read this

How to tell your boyfriend you want to get married

How to Tell your Boyfriend you Want to Get Married

In order for a couple to marry, there needs to be an engagement, but first, a boyfriend must propose, and therein lies our conundrum. How can you tell your boyfriend you’re ready for this step, especially if he’s making no indication he’s on that page yet? While you know the man loves you and is … Read this

How to know if someone has a secret crush on you

How to Know if Someone Has a Secret Crush on You

A person can be friends with someone, even someone of the opposite sex, for years and not recognize that person has developed feelings more than mere friendship. How can you tell if someone has a secret crush on you? You have to be thinking about them in that context in order to be looking for … Read this

How to stop overthinking when dating someone new

How to Stop Overthinking when Dating Someone New

When dating someone new with whom you believe there’s legitimate potential for a relationship to develop, people can get stuck in their own head, worrying they’ll do something to mess it up.  If it were merely a casual dating scenario with which you see no real possibilities, there would be no stress or worry. The … Read this