How to stop overthinking when dating someone new

How to Stop Overthinking when Dating Someone New

When dating someone new with whom you believe there’s legitimate potential for a relationship to develop, people can get stuck in their own head, worrying they’ll do something to mess it up.  If it were merely a casual dating scenario with which you see no real possibilities, there would be no stress or worry. The … Read this

How to distance yourself from your boyfriend

How to Distance Yourself from your Boyfriend

Sometimes partnerships can be taxing, especially if it seems as though the relationship is relatively lopsided in most ways. When a partner realizes they’re contributing every effort emotionally, physically, perhaps with responsibilities, and most contributions financially and otherwise, it can be a rude awakening.  It can take other people to point these facts out since … Read this

How to make someone miss you on social media

How To Make Someone Miss You On Social Media 

The idea of making someone miss you on social media is relatively easy. It’s merely a matter of disappearing from the platforms. A sudden disappearance would be noticed if you’re super active on the varied sites with regular posts, reading other people’s postings and reacting with likes and comments, or adding to people’s timelines with … Read this

Getting messages from unknown numbers on WhatsApp

Getting Messages From Unknown Numbers On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is among the favored free apps for instant messaging, helping people reach out to anyone worldwide. While it’s a convenient resource for individuals to stay connected to people they meet along with close friends and family, there is the possibility for accounts to be violated with unsolicited contact invading personal privacy. The suggestion is … Read this

Why does my husband expect me to do everything and work

Why Does My Husband Expect Me To Do Everything And Work

The term “expectation” is a slippery slope in a marriage or partnership. When a spouse believes a husband expects them to do everything in addition to working, is that something the husband verbalized as an expectation of his or a presumption the spouse believes the husband expects of them.  If a husband blatantly tells his … Read this

How to find out your neighbor's name

How To Find Out Your Neighbor’s Name

When curious about finding out your neighbor’s name, it could prove daunting depending on your specific circumstances. You might be situated in a busy city where everyone is always on the go.  Perhaps you’re in a rural area with houses a few miles apart. Or maybe it’s a quiet community where everyone keeps to themself. … Read this