Best Tools to Find their Social Accounts, Hidden Contact Details and More

If you need to find personal information about someone online in the USA, then you can use the following advanced background search tool which is up-to-date, accurate, and well-configured. Remember that people’s background check tools have more data than you may expect.

2 Tools to find information on someone (USA)

Choosing a good online tool to reverse lookup someone’s name and find what they hide as details is not always accurate, but we tried the best solutions with comprehensive search reports, secure servers, friendly customer support, and trusted tools.

1. TruthFinder: Search by name or email (best option)

TruthFinder is on the top list of the best background check sites. What you need is the first name, last name, and optionally the city and state where you think that guy or girl lives. Then, click on the search button to submit the details to the server and algorithm.

After that, you’ll be asked to confirm the person’s gender, which I think is important especially if you typed a unisex name. Indeed that will filter the search profiles and exclude the data that’s linked to other people in that same name you searched for.

Of course, the person won’t know that you did a background search on them because that’s a fully encrypted online service. In other words, when you have doubts about suspicious emails, calls, or profiles on dating sites, social media, or even people you know, type their names in a search box and find what they hide. They could be using fake names and details of other users.

Here is an example of a search report:

Example of search report
Social profiles

What shows up on a background check?


One of the possible pieces of information you can find in each background search report are the following:

  • Comprehensive background check with real name
  • Age
  • Possible relationships
  • Social media profiles
  • Home address
  • Assets and finances
  • Possible Relatives
  • Dating accounts if possible
  • Traffic or Criminal Records
  • Associates
  • Possible Photos
  • Potential Email address
  • Phone numbers
  • Previous addresses
  • Event Timeline
  • Employment History
  • Nearby Registered Sex Offenders and even more data that may surprise you

TF gets the data from different sources such as Federal data, the Internet, country data sources, social media websites, web scan, and state data-related sources. All in all, once you decide to know who the person is and get most of their hidden details that Google does not even know about, you should definitely use this sophisticated site for fast background checks 24/7.

Facebook account

When we talk about romance scams and fake profiles on POF,, and other sites, TruthFinder is the best background check site for dating-related searches. The tool brings the power of sophisticated algorithms, and web scans to your phone or laptop, so you can search and know who is behind that profile name.

As a result, users who buy the premium subscript of TruthFinder can run a fast background check on the person they’re dating to avoid criminals with past records.

2. Intelius (Search by phone number)

Intelius background check is the second recommended service in this guide. It comes with an option to search by name or run a reverse phone number lookup in the US and find more detail about the caller or the person behind that mysterious text message.

Sometimes, trying to know who is the real person behind a phone number will be the right thing to do to prevent scams from telemarketers, sales companies, and bad guys.


To run a background check on a person using their phone number, type their digits into the search box, then, validate and wait for the system to scan the records. If there is any information found, you’ll get a clear search report with fresh data if available.

What can you use these background check tools for?

We’re in a new era of technology, social media, dark web information, and lots of scams of all sorts. That means, when you identify bad guys and protect your family from fraud and bad neighbors, you’ll focus on other things in your life instead of wasting time doing investigations and fixing issues with identity theft, etc…

Now, if you don’t know which background search tools are better for you, then use the above one which is the right option in the USA.

1. Identify social media users and fake accounts

Statistics show that more and more people create fake accounts on social media. So they can pretend to be someone else when using other people’s names, photos, and even mobile numbers or addresses.

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Consequently, those scammers can cause lots of issues to almost anyone, and the only way to know who they are and uncover that mysterious identity is by using a background search service that’s available online whenever you need it. In minutes, you can find the real names, possible mobile phone numbers, and other personal details.

Identify social media users

2. Identify the person behind an email or call

Fraud does not happen only on social media, but also through emails, and once you click on a suspicious message from someone you don’t know on Gmail, you may send them sensitive information about you. That could be your IP address, home location, device type and brand, passwords, login details, real name, cell phone number, username, and the list goes on.

Additionally, you may have adware and spy tools installed on your laptop or smartphone without being aware of that. Accordingly, scammers can download files from other people’s devices and use them for what they want.

Identify the person behind an emails

Now, imagine if you use a background search to check the real name of that person behind the suspicious email or phone number. You could save your time and just block them with one click from your Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook email accounts, as simple as that. But of course, you won’t be able to tell who that unknown person is without searching for their name.

3. Protect yourself against dating scams

Romance and dating scams happen everywhere, even on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. There are lots of fake accounts created by scammers who apply different strategies to hide their real names and identities. Furthermore, dating apps like Tinder, Baddoo, OkCupid, Zoosk, Plenty Of Fish (POF), eHarmony,, and Ashley Madison are not full of real men and women, but they also have fake users from both sides.

Background check protect against dating scams

As a result, when someone tries to use online dating apps for the first time, they’ll neglect the fact that romance scammers are there even if the site is trusted. Thus, it’s not always possible to find a soulmate on these sites, that’s because you may find yourself chatting with someone who is well-known among scammer names.

These guys and ladies can use real pictures of others and add long descriptions under their profile bios. Even more, they can use real phone numbers and look real when they’re all fake because they use burner cell numbers.

Running a background check on a person

Think about all that, and you’ll understand that the best criminal background check tool like the one we’re talking about is the best way to identify romance scammers and tell if a dating account is fake or not. Just search for their name, and add the location where they live.

Next, if you find different information from what you see on their profiles, that’s a sign you’re dating scammers. In addition, you may discover other shocking information about people when you see a full background search report with hidden profiles, usernames, photos, and criminal records.

4. Find contact numbers

Even if Google is a good search engine, many contact details and data are still not found by crawlers. Add to that the huge database of information that websites, social media, and federal sources have, and you’ll conclude that what you see on search engines is just a portion of what’s hidden on the Internet and other data sources.

So, if you only rely on Google and Facebook to find people’s contact details or emails, you’ll skip the updated databases that only background search services have.

Find phone numbers with background check

When someone changes their phone number, it will be nearly impossible to trace their details and find that new mobile number without using a reverse phone lookup tool. So, if you want to find someone’s new phone number using the old one, use the above search tool, and from the site choose reverse phone lookup at the top of the screen. Or, search for their name and uncover those hidden mobile numbers you don’t know about, as simple as that.

You don’t have to spend all day browsing LinkedIn pages, Google SERP, and social media just to find your friend’s phone number or anyone else you know.

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5. Find people you lost contact with

If you’d like to find someone with whom you lost contact for years, use a background search service that’s able to search the names and show you any possible profile and contact numbers. If the person you look for is located in another state, the tools can find their details behind names, and social media.

Find people you lost contact with

That’s not all; if there is any mention of that name, you may see it from blogs, discussion forums, and even more sources. That way, it should be easier to trace people online and find loved ones in a matter of minutes even if you have never seen them for years.

6. See who is using your name, email, or identity

The risk of identity theft is not new, but during the last couple of years, it has become a real challenge for millions of people. Scammers from different locations steal personal details and use them like emails on the dark web.

Also, scammers can use your real name and phone number on their fake accounts on Instagram or TikTok and even show your email as contact information on Facebook, Craigslist, or other websites. Additionally, other types of scammers prefer using other people’s usernames on different platforms for fraud and other reasons.

Check if someone is using your identity

Now, if you just think about that, you’ll ask yourself, how can I find out who is using my identity online? And what can I do to find who’s using my name? email? or phone number? Well, that’s not as complicated as a year ago; with a secure background check site, you can see if your personal information is being used online, and even more, some tools have options to scan the dark web for data breaches and compromised email addresses.

So, this type of personal information search allows you to see the real name of the person who is pretending to be you, or another person. Furthermore, a background check program can help you get his or her location on the Map with the phone number, possible email, and other public records when available.

Thus, you can run a background check on yourself, then see what personal information you have is being shared online or used on websites and social media apps.

When you run a personal background check, you can satisfy your curiosity and know people around you. In addition, you can use these services on a daily basis which is awesome especially if you know a lot of people with whom you should communicate, but first, it’s better to know more about them and see what they hide.

7. To spot a liar

If your husband, partner, or friend is lying to you about things, it could be somehow uncomfortable to ask them questions about online presence and other things. But when you choose a good background search site, you could have more answers to your questions than expected. That’s because running a background check on someone with their name, phone number, or email can show you different types of information such as us their secret accounts on social media.

Now, if you started a new relationship and your partner seems to be hiding things from you or lying about their history, then searching their names and locations is not an option as that may show you some secrets online that could save you from dating criminals and social media users with a bad reputation.

FAQs about running background checks online

These are some frequently asked questions about doing background checks online and finding data that’s up to date. So learn from these questions, and you’ll have more details.

Can I do a background check anonymously?

The short answer is Yes. You can do a background check on someone anonymously without them knowing. Best of all, these are trusted and well-secure online tools that have the latest technology and protection. The SSL encrypts the connection between the user and the web servers thanks to modern security and web technologies. In addition, the other end will never know that you run background checks on them.

What’s the best background check site for dating?

You don’t have to look elsewhere; TruthFinder is the best background site for dating as it combines dozens of search systems into one. For example, you can see if the person you’re dating has a criminal record or not based on his phone number or name if you want. In addition, you may see if that person owns properties you don’t know about or has been arrested for many reasons.

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That’s not all; if that guy is a sex offender, a bad individual, or someone you should swat away from, you may get an idea about that from his or her background search by name or using their mobile phone number.

How can I tell if someone ran a background check on me?

There is no way to tell if someone ran a background check on you online. That’s because the servers that most people use take the privacy of users seriously and they never share any search with anyone else. Also, you can search for other people online and view many of their personal details without them knowing.

Will someone know if you use TruthFinder?

Using TruthFinder is the choice of lots of people who look for accurate background search services in the US. So, it’s a trusted service that you can rely on, and so, no one will know that you use Truthfinder to find information about them. Moreover, if you’re looking for a great tool to run a background search on someone you’re dating or want to know more, he or she won’t even notice or have any clue that you used TruthFinder.

What is the best background check website?

Choosing the right background searching tool may need lots of time to test the systems and find what’s better and what needs improvement, but what we tried and found the best is TruthFinder.

TruthFinder is the ultimate background check service that works faster, and better, and provides more accurate information about people compared to other sites. The data is fresh in most cases, and the search is secure and powered by one of the most sophisticated algorithms for people search technologies.

What’s the best background check for a boyfriend?

Want to run a background check on your boyfriend? And you need to find out if he is hiding things from you like social media profiles, a secret girlfriend, or other types of hidden data?

Then, you should definitely try the above search tools we tried and highly recommend, and in the first position, always use TruthFinder to see if your boyfriend is possibly lying to you and hiding online dating accounts you don’t know about. Also, you can search for your boyfriend’s name and see what the guy hides as criminal records, or real identity if there are any.

What is the most accurate background check?

The accuracy of background check services depends on their way to crawl the web and find data about millions of people. However, if you look for a one-stop service that has the best accurate background check, then choose TruthFinder in the first place as it’s better.

For example, if you see social media profiles and you click on the links when you get the background search report, you’ll find in most cases that what you see is the correct profile of the person you searched for by their phone number or name. So, you don’t find issues with that like what happens with other services that show wrong profiles and information that was updated years ago.

Can you do a background check on someone you are dating?

Yes, you can always run a background check on someone you’re dating, and even more, it’s recommended that you do so. Knowing who that person you’re dating when you search using his or her name can save you lots of time dealing with issues later. Who knows what people try to hide when they first meet you?

That’s why it’s always a good idea to do a background search on the man or the woman you’re dating, preferably through the first and last name as these are the most accurate ways to find their hidden details.


Now you should have a good idea about the best options to run online background checks and search for criminal records, contact numbers, emails, and other types of information using the person’s name. That being said, the uses of background search sites are endless, and you can always verify people’s identities like real names and mobile numbers to prevent scams and also to trace fake accounts on social media, and protect yourself from identity theft.

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